Friday, October 8, 2021

The Mistletoe Countess By Pepper Basham

The Mistletoe Countess
by Pepper Basham
Publisher: Barbour Fiction
ISBN: 978-1643529868

It was so fun to find out I was going to be able to do a Q&A for Pepper Basham's newest release The Mistletoe Countess. I hope you enjoy learning more about the story!



Will the magic of Christmas bring these two newlyweds closer together, or will the ghosts of the past lead them into a destructive discovery from which not even a Dickens’s Christmas can save them?

Mistletoe is beautiful and dangerous, much like the woman from Lord Frederick’s Percy’s past, so when he turns over a new leaf and arranges to marry for his estate, instead of his heart, he never expects the wrong bride to be the right choice. Gracelynn Ferguson never expected to take her elder sister’s place as a Christmas bride, but when she’s thrust into the choice, she trusts in her faithful novels and overactive imagination to help her not only win Frederick’s heart but also to solve the murder mystery of Havensbrook Hall before the ghosts from Frederick’s past ruin her fairytale future.

How do you get in the Christmas spirit while writing when you're writing at a different time of year?

Oh my goodness! I love Christmas  :-) And it makes it pretty easy to get into the Christmas spirit with Hallmark Christmas year-round. LOL I also listen to Christmas music to help and look at photos that are Christmassy.

What made you want to write a story set at Christmas?

Well, actually, TMC was not originally a Christmas book. It was set in the Spring/Summer, but when Barbour read it and asked if I could place it at Christmas instead, I was like "of course! In fact, I think these characters have been waiting for Christmas all along."

What kind of swoony kisses can we expect from The Mistletoe Countess? I mean, there is "mistletoe" right in the title!

Let me tell you!! This is the kissiest book I've EVER written so get ready! Plus, it's a marriage of convenience, which means kisses can be in abundance :-) (and I have that kisses video if you want me to share that :)

What was the hardest part of writing this novel?

Getting it published? LOL This book was such a delight to write and the fastest novel I've ever written. I guess the hardest part was making sure I kept the story tight because I just wanted to go on and on with Freddie and Grace :-)

Which character did you enjoy writing the most?

GRACE!!!! Or rather, she wrote herself. I never knew what was going to happen next with her and she was so refreshing!


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