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In The Night Season By Jennifer Q. Hunt

In the Night Season
by Jennifer Q. Hunt
Publisher: Independent
Series: Sorrow and Song
ISBN: 979-8777265838

After reading book two for review last year, I absolutely had to find out the rest of the story! So, when I was given the opportunity to read the ebook of book 3, I definitely said, "Yes!" The author sent me the book for review.


Will their quest for the truth deliver them from their past or destroy their dreams for a future together?

Cal Newfield has spent his entire life living in the shadow of his father’s sins. When the United States enters the Second World War, he hopes to finally have the chance to prove himself a hero. Sent on a government mission to gather information about Hitler’s rumored “Final Solution,” Cal can little imagine the impossible choices he will face and the tremendous cost of honor he must pay.

Growing up next door to Cal in Boston, Gincy Maxwell has been spoiled yet suffocated by her controlling parents. When Cal uncovers a secret from her past, it upends her world and calls into question her very identity. Refusing to face the truth, Gincy loses the most important friendship in her life and instead begins down a path that seems paved with prestige—but hides peril and emptiness.

After years and miles apart, will death threats, political scandals, and a world at war draw Cal and Gincy together again or divide them forever?

My Review:

Wow! What a fantastic conclusion to this incredible series.

I'll start off by saying my emotions were on a roller coaster ride throughout In the Night Season. I can't think of a single emotion I didn't feel at some point. The characters the author wrote felt incredibly real which pulled me into the story and was completely believable.

We have all of the people (mostly) that we've gotten to know throughout the series in this story and it was good - and sometimes difficult - to be with them again. It's funny sometimes to have such strong feelings towards characters, but the author's writing pulls it out of you.

We start off with the horrible situation Gincy finds herself in as she makes her way to Cal. Ah, Cal, who is now grown up still has a lot to learn and God is about to grow him and the extended family through many situations. Sadie is still trying to overcome her past, and it's clear with some of her behaviors that she still has a ways to go.

A lot of these characters will resonate with readers because they're flawed just like all of us. None of them are perfect, but what's different is that they strive to seek God's will. Not always right away and not always the right way. What I love in the story though is that God is always present. He is constantly using the characters to speak Truth, build up, and encourage those in need. It's such a beautiful thread through the story.

Of course, this is during WWII so characters inevitably end up overseas and that is an emotional experience for the readers. It really pulls out a lot of emotion from beginning to end. There's a lot I can't say because so much of it has to do with the storyline that will turning page after page.

You will come away from this series absolutely loving these families whom we get to know through each book. They're the kind of characters where you will feel a sense of loss once you turn the last page, but have the sense that you've had a strong hug by them as well!

About the Author:

For history tidbits, deleted scenes, and more "extras" as well as information about upcoming releases, visit or follow Jennifer on Facebook at Jennifer Q. Hunt, Author or Instagram

Jennifer Hunt has been writing her whole life, ever since she took crayons to tablet paper to write "The Princess is Saved" and brought it in to kindergarten Show and Tell! Throughout the years, Jennifer has written short stories, articles, and dramatic scripts. She has used her writing abilities to further the ministries of the churches and organizations where she has worked vocationally and/or volunteered.

Some Through the Fire was written over the course of many years and included meticulous research--even trips to the Atlanta History Center and the Library of Congress. The idea for the story first came out of a homeschool high school assignment and developed throughout the following many years. The sequel, Great Waters, was written in the midst of marriage and mothering, with a lot of the editing done on her iPhone late at night or with a kid sitting in her lap!

Jennifer's current projects include a series of novellas, the "Hawthorn Valley Tales," as well as developing a concluding book to the Sweet Family trilogy. She has a heart for the forgotten heroes of American history and bringing their stories to life for future generations to cherish. 

(Finally) married at almost 32 years of age to the love of her life, Jennifer is now a homeschool mom to four children under ten. "As the Apostle Paul said, they are my 'letter of recommendation, written on our hearts, to be known and read by all,'" Jennifer explained. "My greatest goal in these years is to love these little ones to Christ and train them to follow Him all the days of their lives."


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