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Distant Stars By Kassandra Garrison

Distant Stars
by Kassandra Garrison
Publisher: Self Published
ISBN: 979-8986124711

It's always great getting to know new authors! I was happy to receive a request from Kassandra to review her ebook. She sent it to me for my review.


Will Rutledge needs a fresh start. After aging out of the foster care system, he and his brother, Kane, have nothing but each other. Maybe that’s why he agreed to his brother’s insane plan to kidnap a millionaire’s daughter for ransom. With his brains and his brother’s muscle, what could go wrong?

Enter Hannah Cole. When her brother died, her family was left shattered. No amount of money could fill the hole in her home… not even if her dad has plenty of it. Hannah thought she knew darkness after a year of living with grief. That is, until she finds herself thrown into the trunk of a car and crying out to God for the first time since her brother died. 

Hannah and Will soon find themselves in close quarters, fighting the feelings they are developing for one another despite both their situation and seemingly insurmountable differences. Plans start to unravel and the two risk begging the question: 

Are some stars just too far apart to collide?

My Review:

I really was hooked with how the story started. I felt so bad for brothers Kane and Will. Their rough start is evident from the beginning. As the full story begins to unfold it's clear these guys are going to be making some poor decisions.

Things definitely go haywire and we get to see the true nature of each brother when the plan they have, which includes Hannah, ends up spinning out of control. The story is a good example of how kids in the foster care system struggle with feeling loved or cared for. It was a good glimpse into the mentality of how hard things can be for these kids.

The story is a quick read and the events that happen are even quicker. I don't want to give away too much since they'd be spoilers, but I've never been a fan of the "l" word being spoken within a couple of days and definitely not under these circumstances. That was probably the biggest part of the story I wasn't a fan of.

I did appreciate the forgiveness and redemption in the story and the faith that is shown throughout the story, especially in the lives of such young people. That's certainly refreshing! We need more of that in YA books these days.

About the Author:

Kassandra Garrison has always been a book lover. After earning her Bachelor's in Business Administration, she decided to follow her lifelong dream and share her stories with others by writing her first novel, The Influencers. She currently lives with her husband and high school sweetheart, Joseph, along with their daughter, Nora. In her free time, she enjoys baking, drinking coffee, and taking her rescue dogs on walks.


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