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A Gem Of Truth By Kimberley Woodhouse

A Gem of Truth
by Kimberley Woodhouse
Publisher: Bethany House
Series: Secrets of the Canyon
ISBN: 9780764238017

I'm grateful that Kimberley allowed me to be on her launch team for book two! I was glad to be able to follow up book one with Julia's story. I'm already looking forward to book three! She sent me her book for this book launch.


Escaping her shattered past is much more difficult than she imagined.

Julia Schultz has a reputation for being a storyteller, or as others see it, a liar. But with her dark and painful past, stories are all that have kept her company throughout her life. Longing for a fresh start and a second chance to earn real trust, Julia takes a job as a Harvey Girl at the El Tovar Hotel, where she's challenged to be her true self.

Learning the trade of a master jeweler is hard work, but Christopher Miller takes pride in running his family's small shop and earning the respect of the people around him. But when he discovers that he has six weeks to buy his building from his landlord before it is sold, he must find a way to save his grandfather's legacy.

United by the discovery of a legendary treasure, Chris and Julia find hope in each other. But when Julia's past catches up with her, doubt creeps into Chris's heart. Can he really trust her and her stories?

My Review:

I've become a big fan of Harvey Girl stories and A Gem of Truth carries on their tradition. Julia was such a sweet character, but it was easy to understand how her stories created a barrier between her and the other girls. We all have different ways of protecting ourselves, and Julia's stories did that for her. I really loved that the women who were in charge actually showed her love by speaking truth to her. 

I also liked that even in a new Harvey House, the head waitress, Ruth, played a big part in reaching Julia's heart. She was also a delightful character and I'm happy that she will get her own book. It was also fun to revisit with Emma and Ray, although more so Emma in the story. She's the catalyst for Julia's adventure.

Then, of course, there's Chris Miller, the jeweler. I could just imagine his workshop, his store (inherited from his grandpa), and his designs. It was fortuitous that he met Julia at just the right time. Let's just say, getting connected in El Tovar is more than he bargains for!

There was a sweet faith thread that ran through the whole story as several ladies try to show Christ to Julia. I appreciated that they extended grace and mercy, but also were just in how they handled things like Florence's behavior. Ooooo she's a stinker of a character.

Speaking of which, there were a couple of bad guys in the story, but they seemed more like the Two Stooges than very threatening. Seriously, nothing could go right for them, which was clearly a good thing!

I look forward to reading Ruth's story next!

About the Author:

Kimberley Woodhouse (www.kimberleywoodhouse.com) is an award-winning, bestselling author of more than 25 fiction and nonfiction books. Kim and her incredible husband of 30-plus years live in the Poconos, where they play golf together, spend time with their kids and grandbaby, and research all the history around them.


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