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His Only Son From Angel Studios + $10 Amazon Gift Card Give Away

Who here is ready for more films that depict events from the Bible? I can guarantee you that my hand just shot up. Recently I learned about the movie His Only Son. I partnered with Momentum Influencers (and Angel Studios) and they sent me an early screening of the movie. Angel Studios, who brought you THE CHOSEN, is releasing a new film, HIS ONLY SON, which is a film about Abraham and Isaac! Watch this awesome interview with the President of Angel Studios and film Creator as they discuss the movie and getting tickets!

When I think of Abraham and Isaac's story, I have an image of God speaking to Abraham, telling him to take his son and sacrifice him, Abraham taking his son the next day, climbing a hill, and preparing Isaac to sacrifice him. His Only Son gives so much more detail of what it may have been like to journey to Moriah for this act of obedience.

David Helling, the Creator of the movie, admits that the movie was made on a shoestring budget. It takes SO much to make movies these day, and he did an incredible job with the limited amount of money he had. After seeing this, I can only imagine what could be done with an even bigger budget!

The movie moves back and forth from Abraham, Isaac, and the two servants traveling to Moriah for the sacrifice and when Abram & Sarai were young. Scripture tells us that Abraham and Sarah were in their 90s when Isaac was born, but the only thing that I felt could've been done better was having Sarah looking older. She didn't look like she was 90 when she had Isaac. The actress is really beautiful.

It was so powerful to watch Abraham have to travel for THREE days (THREE DAYS, PEOPLE) knowing what the Lord has asked of him. Having to walk with his son, who God has called him to sacrifice, you can see how incredibly difficult it is for him the entire time. I thought it was so interesting how the creator of the film also added depth to the servants who were with them.

When we read the Bible, I think oftentimes we read it for what's on the page in that moment. Did you ever think about the people they may have come across as they journeyed for three days? How they may have spent their time? What they may have discussed?

And then we go back to when Abram and Sarai were without a child together. You could feel how difficult it was for Sarai - for her to have a barren womb for so many years. Then the conflict of Sarai giving Abram her servant, Hagar, so that maybe she might conceive to help fulfill the promise. I have to say, this actress really brought Sarai to life because she frustrated me just as much in the movie as she does in the Bible. lol

There's so much we can apply to our lives from both time periods of their stories. How often do we take circumstances into our own hands? We get so impatient we develop our own solutions instead of waiting on God's timing and His answers. Anyone else make a poor choice and blame someone else? Or when that someone else goes along with your poor choice instead of doing the right thing, and they don't take responsibility for their own actions?

What about when Abraham obeys the Lord to take his son & sacrifice him? Can you imagine? I'd be all, "Hard pass, God. You're going to have to figure something else out!" My disobedience would've been on full display. And Isaac, he's not some little kid. He's at least a teenager at this point. If I had been a teen and my parent told me what they were about to do, all they would've seen was the dust of my shoes running the opposite way. Not gonna lie. "You want to do WHAT with me?" What this movie did for me in regards to this event was not only make me go back and read this entire story, but it made me think about what it must've been like for Isaac to have LIVED through it! He KNEW that God had called his father to sacrifice him, yet he lie down willingly. When God provided a ram Isaac saw the Lord's provision and was spared. Can you imagine going through the rest of your life having lived through that experience?

This chapter in the Bible is titled "Abraham Tested", but in my humanistic and non-sovereign thinking believes that title should also include Isaac because he was certainly tested as well. I want to prepare you as well, you are going to be emotional at the end. Have tissue on hand!

Moms, this is a movie you won’t want to miss! There are few things more powerful than a mother's love for her son. Take your family to see this film, and be inspired by Isaac and Sarah's relationship in His Only Son, coming to theaters March 31.

Buy tickets today to see HIS ONLY SON in theaters March 31st!

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Anonymous said...

I would love to see The Last Supper

bellagirl07 said...

I think the bible story of Jonah and the whale would be an amazing movie.
heather hgtempaddy

Jackie said...

I'm not that familiar with this story and would like to see the movie. I'd like to see a movie about Jesus' Apostles

Mami2jcn said...

Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden would be a good movie.

mami2jcn at gmail dot com

Roger said...

The rise and fall of Babylon would be interesting. I recently watched a classic silent film called Metropolis that took inspiration from that story.

Better Book Bureau said...

I'm sure there are already movies about this, but the story of Esther is one of my favorites in the Bible.

Chelsea Dixon said...

I'm excited to see this one! I love The Chosen. I'd love to see the tower of babel in a movie!

johnnyp said...

I would like to see a movie made about the Garden of Eden

Cindy Merrill said... Jonah and the Whale: The special effects would be stunning.

Anonymous said...

Check out the Movie "One Night With the King" It's the story about Esther and one of our family favorites.

Cassandra D said...

Saul’s Conversion.

Amanda K said...

I would like to see the story of Samson amd Delilah.

Anonymous said...

Love movie " His Only Son" i would love to donate still.

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