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The Words We Lost By Nicole Deese

The Words We Lost
by Nicole Deese
Publisher: Bethany House
ISBN: 9780764241185

Having read several of Nicole Deese's books in the past, when I was given the opportunity to read her newest release The Words We Lost, I JUMPED at the chance!! She sent me her book for review.


Three friends. Two broken promises. One missing manuscript. 

As a senior acquisitions editor for Fog Harbor Books in San Francisco, Ingrid Erikson has rejected many a manuscript for lack of defined conflict and dramatic irony--two elements her current life possesses in spades. In the months following the death of her childhood best friend and international bestselling author Cecelia Campbell, Ingrid has not only lost her ability to escape into fiction due to a rare trauma response, but she's also desperate to find the closure she's convinced will come with Cecelia's missing final manuscript.

After Ingrid jeopardizes her career, she fears her future will remain irrevocably broken. But then Joel Campbell--the man who shattered her belief in happily-ever-afters--offers her a sealed envelope from his late cousin, Cecelia, asking Joel and to put their differences aside and retrieve a mysterious package in their coastal Washington hometown.

Honoring Cecelia's last request will challenge their convictions and test their loyalties, but through it all, will Ingrid and Joel be brave enough to uncover a twice-in-a-lifetime love?

My Review:

Do you love books that take your breath away? If so, The Words We Lost is for you. My review, just to warn you, will NOT do this story justice. It's one that needs to be experienced and savored. FYI, this author is one of the authors that I don't even ask what the story is about. It doesn't matter. I'm reading it! She's that incredible.

This novel is beautiful, heartbreaking, soul piercing, full of emotion, and will leave you feeling incredibly fulfilled. Your time will have been well spent reading. This isn't a quick read, depending on how you go about it. I initially took it in bits and pieces. It's emotionally gripping from the start and was wrenching my heart in two from the first page. While I didn't want to put it down, there were moments when it was... a lot. This is NOT said in a negative way, but gives testament to the authors incredible writing!

I could feel Indy's anguish and struggle from the moment we meet her. It's not quite clear why she's stopped functioning at work and has closed herself off from everyone. I mean, she's lost her best friend, we get that, but there's so much deeper that we have to learn about. Almost immediately, Joel, her best friend's cousin has arrived at her office and you could cut the tension with a knife.

And then there's Cece, the best friend and family member one could ever hope for. Through Joel and Indy I came to love her! Through the pages of the 'story' within the story I came to love her through her eyes as well. God's hand was in their meeting when they were teens. God was still moving when their lives were ripped apart and I'm so thankful the author shows that through her characters.

The friends and family of Cece, Joel, and Indy play an integral part of each facet of the book, and on top of that, I was transported back to the decade+ that I lived in the PNW! I could easily see it in my mind's eye and it was as lovely as ever.

I loved how the author created the world of Cardithia, the series Cece had been working on for all her teen and young adult years. Part of the story comes in the form of words by her before she dies. They're easy to separate out with how the author writes it so there's never any confusion.

There's so much redemption in this story for each of the characters. There's healing that gives hope to those suffering from loss and depression. I loved that the author didn't shy away from faith throughout the story because it was so vital to every part of it. Your world will be rocked and you'll need tissue on hand, but I promise you, it'll be worth it!

About the Author:

Nicole Deese's ( is a Christy and Carol Award-winning, bestselling author of hope-filled, humorous, and heartfelt contemporary romance novels. When she's not sorting out character arcs and story plots of her own, she can usually be found listening to an audiobook and multitasking at least four different chores at once. She's a hoarder of sparkling water, a lover of long walks and even longer talks with friends, and a seeker of fun and adventure at all times. She lives in small-town, Idaho with her happily-ever-after hubby, two freakishly tall teenage sons, and one princess daughter with the heart of a warrior.


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