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To Spark A Match By Jen Turano

To Spark a Match
by Jen Turano
Publisher: Bethany House
Series: The Matchmakers
ISBN: 9780764240218

How much do I love Jen Turano? Let me count the ways! Her books are always what I need when I want a good laugh with my love for historical fiction. I am thankful to be on her launch team and was sent her book for review.


After five unsuccessful Seasons on the marriage mart, Miss Adelaide Duveen has resigned herself to the notion that she's destined to remain a spinster forever--a rather dismal prospect, but one that will allow her to concentrate on her darling cats and books. However, when she inadvertently stumbles upon Mr. Gideon Abbott engaged in a clandestine activity during a dinner party, Adelaide finds herself thrust into a world of intrigue that resembles the plots in the spy novels she devours.

Former intelligence agent Gideon Abbott feels responsible for Adelaide after society threatens to banish her because of the distraction she caused to save his investigation. Hoping to return the favor, he turns to a good friend--and one of high society's leaders--to take Adelaide in hand and turn her fashionable. When danger surrounds them and Adelaide finds herself a target of the criminals in Gideon's case, the spark of love between them threatens to be quenched for good--along with their lives.

My Review:

What is there not to love about a Jen Turano book? To Spark a Match has two characters you can't help but loving! Well, them and their cohorts! Poor Adelaide. She just wants to be herself... and have a few cats. Is that too much to ask? It's hard not to be smitten with her just for the fact that she's just so "normal" while surrounded by the four hundred. Adelaide also has a heart of gold, willing to help others at her own expense. 

And Gideon, that poor guy could not catch a break in trying to keep Adelaide out of danger. Try as he might, she kept finding it... or it kept finding her! While she didn't want to find herself mixed up with unknown dangerous people, it seemed she couldn't avoid it. 

The beginning of the story had a lot going on, I will say that! There were times I felt like it was a bit long winded. Jen's typical humor and crazy antics with the characters were always woven into the story, constantly giving a good giggle!

I will say, I enjoy stories that add an animal into it. Jen did a fun job with the cats in this story. 

I'm looking forward to book three and can't wait to read it!

About the Author:

Named one of the funniest voices in inspirational romance by BooklistJen Turano is a USA Today bestselling author known for penning quirky historical romances set in the Gilded Age. Her books have earned Publishers Weekly and Booklist starred reviews, top picks from RT Book Reviews, and praise from Library Journal. She's been a finalist twice for the RT Reviewers' Choice Awards and had two of her books listed in the top 100 romances of the past decade from Booklist. She and her family live outside of Denver, Colorado. Readers can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and X, and at


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