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Love In The Storm By Mandi Blake

Love in the Storm
by Mandi Blake
Publisher: Independent
Series: Love in Blackwater
ISBN: 978-1953372499

Who knew how easily I'd start really enjoying romance stories? When you have a great author, I guess anything is possible. I mean, I "do" enjoy a good romance now and again, but Mandi Blake makes me want to read them more often. She sent me her book for review!


When she's snowed in with the handsome man who doesn't remember arresting her, she might get a second chance at a first impression. 

Lyric Woods has been sober for years now, but nothing about picking herself up from rock bottom has been easy. She’s behind on bills and on the verge of getting evicted, still paying for the mistakes of her past. When she is stranded with the police officer who doesn't remember her, she's afraid to reveal her secret.

Asa Scott isn’t complaining about being stranded with the beautiful Lyric. The kind woman tending his wounds after a wreck in the storm is the first to make him think he could move on after his wife’s death. But when he finds out about her record, he can't reconcile the woman from the past with the woman who cared for him at the cabin.

When Lyric needs his help after they’re rescued, Asa hopes they'll both get a chance to mend the wounds of the past.

Despite his fears, Asa can’t fight the way he feels about the resilient woman who helped him. But when it looks like Lyric has fallen back into her old ways, will Asa trust the evidence or believe the woman he’s falling for and fight to clear her name?

If you loved the Blackwater Ranch series and the Wolf Creek Ranch series, get ready to fall in love all over again in Blackwater, Wyoming.

My Review:

If you love a good romance, you don't want to miss Love in the Storm!

The build up to Asa and Lyric being stuck in a cabin for a few days sets the stage for everything else to come. The snow storm forces the two of them to spend several days together and that time is well spent as they got to know each other.

Unfortunately, Lyric's past keeps her guarded, but a glimmer of hope shines through with Asa's kindness. Asa is one of the good guys. He's everything you want in a story's main male character because he's also not perfect.

Lyric's past, and her actual connection to Asa is brought to the forefront of the story. There was so much to appreciate about this story of redemption from each character's perspective as well as the supporting characters. We know that when someone is in recovery that it can truly take a village (or in this case, a small town). 

It was really realistic in that Asa is a widower with a young son. Any relationship he has with Lyric will impact his son and he has to take that into consideration. It's also a reminder that once an addict, not always an active addict. So many lessons for readers to learn in the story.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate the amount of faith that is woven through the story! Reminders of God's forgiveness, prayer, forgiveness, and trust are the tip of the iceberg. The author did a wonderful job of seamlessly including it as part of the story.

About the Author:

Mandi Blake was born and raised in Alabama where she lives with her husband and daughter, but her southern heart loves to travel. Reading has been her favorite hobby for as long as she can remember, but writing is her passion. She loves a good happily ever after in her sweet Christian romance books and loves to see her characters' relationships grow closer to God and each other.

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