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Darkness Calls The Tiger By Janyre Tromp

Darkness Calls the TIGER
by Janyre Tromp
Publisher: Kregel
ISBN: 9780825448508

Can I say that people who say Christian fiction never tackles hard topics or gets gritty in their storylines hasn't read CF lately! I have been loving books that have been publishing lately that dive into deep storylines, and when I heard about Janyre's book Darkness Calls the Tiger was coming out, I HAD to get onto her team! She sent me her book for review.


After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Imperial Japan devours the southern portion of Burma, intent on taking over mainland Asia. Unaware of the coming darkness, Kailyn Moran drifts in her role as the only daughter of a widowed missionary.

As whispers of war snake through the Kachin mountains, Kai's father is convinced God will protect the mission. He entrusts the village to her and the kind yet inexperienced new missionary, Ryan McDonough, while he makes routine visits to neighboring villages.

War descends like a tempest upon the mountain peaks, and an unbreakable bond forms between Kailyn and Ryan as they unite to provide solace to both villagers and the flood of refugees. Despite their tireless efforts, a brutal enemy shatters almost everything they love, pushing Kailyn to embark on a path of unrestrained vengeance.

Afraid he's losing the woman he loves, Ryan fights to protect Kai from the deadly consequences of her choices. But in the face of destruction, can he convince her of the power and freedom of forgiveness?

My Review:

Where to begin to share my thoughts on this deep and powerful story. I couldn't even have imagined what I'd read in Darkness Calls the Tiger had I tried. Yes, it's set during WWII, but not the WWII you'd be thinking of.

I will say that this story isn't an easy read. War stories typically aren't, but this one is next level. It's raw, and dark, and gives you a clear understanding as to why people have PTSD to the nth degree! I "enjoy" war stories because they remind me of the resilience of human beings, people overcoming the odds, overcoming death. Thankfully, reading them with a Christian worldview, there's hope infused into those stories. Like Moran Kai, sometimes people have to dig deep (deeper than we could ever imagine) to find and hold onto that faith.

We meet Kai as a wide-eyed little girl. Then, everything changes. Her entire world is turned upside down. She and her parents are living as missionaries in this small village in Burma. Years later, she and her father are still in the village when the Japanese start to infiltrate the Kachin Mountains. Ryan shows up to come alongside them as a missionary. Not long after, Kai's father heads into the jungle and leaves them to take care of the villagers.

It's so interesting how the author weaves in their beliefs and understanding of God together, but also how they're still somewhat attached to their former ways. Kai has been around these people all her life and she has learned their ways. Many of the people don't trust her because of reasons I won't reveal, but it has a profound impact on her when the villagers have to flee for their lives.

What Kailyn goes through for the entirety of the book is absolutely traumatizing, but when is war not? Nothing is left out in this story. Horrific things happen left and right. YET, there's always this underlying faith that stalks Kai like a tiger. Will she give in to the light or to the darkness? Ryan, despite all of his effort, can't keep her safe, but the choices she makes for so many painful reasons, leads them on a journey that's treacherous and filled with destruction.

I'll admit that this story isn't going to be for everyone, but it certainly was for me. It's not an easy read, but there's a force that pulled me to keep going. It's heavy, but the people endure. It's dark, but there is always a spot of light drawing the characters to keep doing the "first thing's first". My heart was twisted and wrung out by the time I finished the story, but like spring shoots of green begin to sprout and a teeny tiny ray of sunshine begins to unwind it.

I hope you'll give this story a chance because I think you'll find it powerful and gives hope in the end!

About the Author:

Janyre Tromp is a developmental book editor who has worked in the publishing industry for more than twenty years, spending time in both marketing and editorial. When she isn’t writing, she’s a Bible study leader, writers conference speaker, ACFW member, wife, and mom of two kids and their menagerie of slightly eccentric pets. Visit her at


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