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Love For A Lifetime By Mandi Blake

Love for a Lifetime
by Mandi Blake
Publisher: Independent
Series: Love in Blackwater
ISBN: 978-1953372505

It was incredibly easy and quick to become a fan of Mandi Blake's writing. If I want a story that's filled with romance, I'm definitely turning to her stories! They're ones that will give you butterflies for the characters and get your heart racing as they start to fall in love! I want to thank Mandi for sending me a copy of her book for review.


They’ll always be friends, but they can never be more. 

Dawson Keller has held a torch for his best friend’s little sister for as long as he can remember. He might be a flirt, but his heart will always belong to Olivia.

Olivia Lawrence lives to serve others and work on the family farm. Helping people and tending animals keep her mind off the one thing she wants but can’t have—a family.

Her brother’s best friend might joke that they’re meant to be, but he doesn’t know how little she has to offer a husband. Especially a man like Dawson who loves kids and makes everyone laugh.

On top of that, Olivia’s best friend is head over heels for Dawson, and hurting her friend is out of the question.

Dawson keeps showing up to save her at all the wrong times. From a disastrous wedding date to an unfortunate camping incident, Dawson is always there when Olivia needs him.

When Dawson finds out her secret, and her friend feels betrayed, Olivia is at risk of losing them both.

If you loved the Blackwater Ranch series and the Wolf Creek Ranch series, get ready to fall in love all over again in Blackwater, Wyoming.

My Review:

Where are all my lovers of romance? You will want to put Love for a Lifetime at the top of your tbr list!

We meet Dawson in Love in the Storm (book one) and he was a fun character. To see him as the main character in this one was fantastic! He can charm the socks off of anyone... except it seems his best friend's sister, Olivia. Olivia on the other hand has had heart eyes for Dawson for as long as she can remember. I just love these storylines where they go from lifelong friends to more! Of course there's more. Who are we kidding?

Dawson is the police officer we all want to be pulled over by. He's kind and caring which makes him the perfect match for Nurse Olivia. I appreciated how the author tackled the difficult topic of Liv's secret. Very well done! How the two of them were able to keep their feelings for each other secret was beyond me! HA! I suppose when you're bff's with someone, it can be difficult to see that the other one might want more. But as they warm up to the idea of the possibility of "Dalivia" (what could be their couple name) the secrets come to the surface! Their romance though... don't go into this story without having a fan around so you don't swoon! I will admit that I got a bit twitchy with how often he called her "my queen." hahaha I'm not a "nickname" kind of gal, but I do love romantic fellas like Dawson.

I thought it was fun for them to have their wildly popular social channel. I mean, who doesn't want to watch a super cute guy with goats and a beautiful woman with chickens? It makes sense for contemporary fiction to include these relevant topics.

And who doesn't like revisiting a town that has familiar friends? That's what you get when you head back to Blackwater. It's the kind of town where people feel known and protected. I would say that it's important to read the previous story (goodness, the previous Blackwater Ranch series for the full emersion into the town)!

We can't forget about the incredibly strong thread of faith throughout the story! The prayers that are said, the imploring of the Lord, reminders of trusting Him, etc are everywhere and it's perfect! You want a faith-filled story, here it is in spades. Just the way I like them.

I'm very interested in the next story. Got ourselves a "bad" guy who has GOT to have a good redemptive arc, right? I would love a story for Anna, Olivia's best friend. I'm sure there are others that "need" their own story, too. The way the author writes these little towns, she could have us all champing at the bit for one more story!

About the Author:

Mandi Blake was born and raised in Alabama where she lives with her husband and daughter, but her southern heart loves to travel. Reading has been her favorite hobby for as long as she can remember, but writing is her passion. She loves a good happily ever after in her sweet Christian romance books and loves to see her characters' relationships grow closer to God and each other.


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