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Are you interested in having your products or services reviewed by our family? We have a great range of ages to cover a wide spectrum of products: mom, dad, 4 older children, and a granddaughter! On top of that we have 2 cats. So, if anyone has pet items they'd like us to review, our pets would be happy to volunteer their services!
What are your options for review?
  • Review only of your book
  • Review of a product
Here is what we will do when we review your product(s):

1) Review your product honestly
2) Host a giveaway that you provide (if desired)
  • Encourage commenters to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc if those are an option to earn extra extra for the giveaway. I will NOT violate policies on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, etc to accommodate a Giveaway required entry.
3) Shipping of the product to giveaway winners will be paid for by the company
4) Products received for reviews will NOT be returned
5) Once our family has experience with the product we will write our review. If we have any negative issues, we agree to contact the company first to see if the company wants the review to continue. If not, the product is still ours to keep
6) $50 minimum in product for product reviews as well as for the giveaway.
7) Sponsored post will need to be negotiated and are on a case by case basis, but they will start out at $150
8) I will follow Google guidelines with "no-follow" links on paid sponsored posts.

For a list of companies I've worked with, please feel free to contact me about those. I can send you with a list. Head to my contact page to get in touch with us or send me an email at wovenbywords(at)gmail(dot)com. We're excited to hear from you!!


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