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My blog is about...

You know, I've been blogging since 2008, and I've gone back to my roots of being a book reviewer full time. Aside from reviewing books, I've never fit a niche because I've never made time to fit into one.

My blog could be about many things. It could be about living a Christian life. It could easily be all things faith based. I'd be ok with that! I have 4 kids, 3 step children, and 2 step grandsons, and my first granddaughter.

Currently, my husband, boys, and I are living in Maryland. We also go back to Minnesota once a year. Speaking of traveling, because that's what we're doing eh, my husband and I have traveled to Lima, Peru on several mission trips. In Oct 2018 was my 5th year down, and my husband's 6th year down. The people of Lima have found a place in our hearts and taken root there. I always try to share about our week's work down there after we get back.

Such strange children. Not sure where they get it!
This photo of my girls is everything!

These kids, they are my life!

This is our rescued American Bulldog, Peru. I like to refer to her as MooMoo (Moose), Mutt, and Beast. We love her as much as she drives us crazy. lol

I'm going to keep this photo here, but we had to put Peru to sleep 12/2020 due to a cancer diagnosis. We sure do miss this girl!

Me and my hubby!

Loyal to the end of my Vikings and Twins!

Mission trips to Peru have been an amazing part of my life the last 4 yrs!

At US Bank Stadium, Summer 2016 with my step daughter Sarah, her boys, and my boys. My love for them is palpable!

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