Monday, October 13, 2008

Family pictures

Can you tell the girls are thrilled...ah teenagers

I've always wanted fall pictures with the gorgeous orange, yellow, and red leaves all around. I determined yesterday was the day! All of the family was present, for a change. The only thing MIA was the sun. I didn't think that would really matter, because the surroundings were beautiful. I headed outside for some test shots. I'm not a photographer, but I play one on tv. :)

As soon as I knew where I wanted my tri-pod, and had the zoom set, it began to rain. So, back into the house I went and told the kids they had a reprieve until the rain stopped or Brie had to go to work. That meant we had a 1/2 an hour window. It also gave me a chance to touch up my hair that had been sprinkled on.

Ryan with his pumpkin from the Kindergarten field trip

The rain finally stopped and we rushed outside. This year, since we have a dog, I wanted him to be in the picture as well. Too bad he's afraid of the camera. I wanted to take some new test shots to make sure we'd all be in the picture. Rugby wasn't thrilled with being in the photo. I ran into the house and got some treats, wondering if this was how the professionals do it. We got some shots off in front of a small colorful tree. Then we moved to the fire pit and grabbed one of Abby's remaining puppies, Tucker. We're not sure if we're keeping him yet so the boys convinced me to put him in the photo too.
The final photo...not totally thrilled with it, but with the weather, this may be it!
The last picture was pretty much everyone's favorite. I think I may want to try again sometime throughout this week. Maybe there will be a sunny day. I have heard the word "snow" being thrown around, so we may be stuck with what we've got. If we make it out for another photo shoot, I'll update my pictures.


Unknown said...

its amy from HD, just found your old ost..How the heck are you? We are adopting from china and our adoption blog is

tell the gang i said hi!

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