Friday, January 9, 2009

Be My Escape by Reliant K

I love that my girls and I listen to the same music. I've always worried in the back of my mind if I'd have kids that loved music that I couldn't stand. Thankfully we haven't run into that. Of course, I have my boys coming up in years and soon they'll start to find music they like.

So, here's Reliant K, a band Brieanne really likes. I'm searching for some Hawk Nelson songs as well. Reliant K is a Christian rock/alternative band. I'm not sure that I've even characterized them right. They've got great music that's fun to listen to.

What's nice for this generation is the music industry is really playing to them. Christian bands are popping up everywhere. Air 1 radio station is one my girls love. They play all the contemporary Christian music like Casting Crowns and Steven Curtis Chapman. They also play The Fray, Disciple, Mainstay and other alternative bands.

I am so thankful that my girls have music they can identify with. Music that encourages their walk and lets them know they aren't the only ones walking the narrow path. If you have kids who are maybe listening to music that's not appropriate for them, try to find Air 1 in your area. I believe they're syndicated and play all over the US. There seems to be Christian artists in almost any genre so there's something for everyone.



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