Friday, April 17, 2009

A Vote of Confidence by Robin Lee Hatcher

"Who says a woman can’t do a man’s job?

Put up or shut up! Complaining about Bethlehem Springs' dissolute mayoral candidate, Gwen Arlington is challenged to take on the role herself. For seven years, she’s carved out an independent life in the bustling mountain town of Bethlehem Springs, Idaho, teaching piano and writing for the local newspaper. But now she’s a single woman running for mayor — and in 1915 this decision is bound to stir up trouble.

Morgan McKinley is fed up with the delays that hinder the construction of New Hope Health Spa, a place where both rich and poor can come for rest and healing. New to the area, he has determined that serving as mayor would help him push through his agenda for progress.

Gwen and Morgan each want to prove they are the most qualified candidate, not only to voters but to each other, and so sparks fly as the two campaign. Although Morgan has learned to guard his heart as fiercely as Gwen guards her independence, could they learn to be allies instead of adversaries?"

A Vote of Confidence by Robin Lee Hatcher
Retail $14.99
Publisher: Zondervan

This is my first book of Robin's that I've read. I kept thinking to myself, "do I add one more author to my reading list?" I figured I'd heard enough great reviews for Robin's books that it was time for me to read her on my own.

Oh, Robin does NOT disappoint. I was absolutely captured by A Vote of Confidence! I enjoyed getting to know Gwen, or Gwennie, as her sister, Cleo, calls her.

I enjoy that as a reader I get to see Gwen's emotions when those she interacts with don't always, unless they're family, or her political competition. Next on the scene is Morgan McKinley.

Morgan has recently come to Bethlehem Springs to build New Hope Health Spa. Unfortunately he's run into some problems and seems to think running for Mayor will help him. At the same time Gwen has decided she wants to run for Mayor because as far as she knows the only person running for Mayor is a drunk.

As they say, "Let the games begin." As Morgan and Gwen try to learn why the other is running they get to know each other better than they expect. Gwen can't stand the thought of winning because of her looks and woe to the person who mentions her beauty. Morgan is an outsider, but being a man gives him the upper hand.

I truly liked the characters in this book. It's great when I can have emotions towards the people in a story, whether it's a likable person or not. The times and circumstances allow us as readers to be annoyed with the ideas of several characters in this book with regards to women and what is expected of them. It's something we rarely run into in this day and age.

A Vote of Confidence was a fantastic read and I can't wait for Cleo's story later this summer! If you'd like to purchase A Vote of Confidence you can use the Christian Book link on the right side of my blog. It is worth your time!


Unknown said...

If you like Robin's historical fiction (not that all her other fiction isn't good, too), then you need to check out her Coming to America series. They were the first books I read by her, and I have been hooked ever since! She never disappoints with any book she writes. :o)

heelfan said...

I like Robin Hatcher's book... Hope my Library get "Vote of Confidence";it sounds great. Wasnt able to get an early copy. I just finished her book "When Love Blooms" it was great. Probably my favorite so far of her books is "Return to me". I havent read all of books. Thanks for blogging about her newest book
fella Dazer, Sherry D.

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