Sunday, April 12, 2009

City of the Dead YouTube Video & Giveaway

Author T.L. Higley has traveled to Egypt and created a YouTube video for my blog!! How amazing is that? Ok, no, she didn't travel there just to make this video. It's part of her Seven Wonders series that she has been working on. Book #2 City of the Dead is available to readers. In fact I just received my copy today & am ready to devour it!

So, how exactly do you win one of 5 copies she's giving away? You NEED to leave a comment. If my blog has the highest number of comments out of all the bloggers she made videos for, 5 names from my comment list will be chosen as winners! How exciting is that?

I would love for my commenters to be the ones chosen to receive a book! Check out the video and then leave us a comment along with your email addy (mnjesusfreak at gmail dot com). The video is windy, heck T.L.'s at the bottom of a pyramid. It's only 2 minutes long. I like letting my YouTube videos load up then coming back when they're rarin' to go.

Thanks for stopping by, and yes this time numbers do matter. :) Blessings,

If you'd like to read the FIRST chapter of T.L. Higley's 1st book in the Seven Wonders series Shadow of Colossus click on this link to read it and my review:


The Book Club Network - TBCN said...

Thanks Mimi for letting me know about this. HAPPY EASTER FRIEND!! Great video. Hey I would love here joy traveling and writing about the wonders of the world. Kind of like Robin Jones Gunn. Ha! Ha!

Please put my name in the hat for the drawing. This sound good. Thanks for letting me know about the youtube video. Very cool!!

Blessings on your week.

Nora :D

Gail said...

Cool! Enter me, I'd love to read it. I haven't visited Egypt, although I almost did a couple of week ago. We went to Istanbul instead and visited the Hagia Sofia.


bookwurm70 at gmail dot com

Stacey said...

I'm here to support you, sister-in-Christ! Happy Easter!


Stormi said...

Never read any of this author's books, so I am game. Put me in the drawing


Anonymous said...

The wind sounds so ferocious and I wonder if the men have trouble working against it's strength. It is my hubby's dream to visit Egypt so I pray he can one day.

Please enter me in the contest;
Gayla Collins

Mimi N said...

Thank you guys so much for your support! I'm really doing this for you guys. I already have my book so you all GO! :) I hope we get lots of posts so I can give those books away with Tracey!

Have a blessed Easter!

Cathy Bryant said...

Hi Mimi~

Thanks for the heads up about the giveaway--sounds like a fascinating book! I've always wanted to visit the pyramids--reading T.L. Higley's book will probably make me want it even more.

Thanks for the opportunity, and Happy Easter!

catbry1 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Here's my support!
I love her writing!

Anonymous said...

Wow - I'd love to win the book. Like someone else mentioned I have not had the pleasure of reading a book by this author yet but it sounds very interesting. Egypt is one of the places I have always dreamed of going. Maybe I will get there someday :)


Anonymous said...

Mimi, that was a very good you tube video, makes you think about all your feelings about yourself... I have never read this author I am sure her books are wonderful... throw my name in the hat.... yes, dispite myself God does love me........................


heelfan said...

I love the utube video from T.L. higley from Egypt. It is awesome she's doing books on the 7 wonders. I would love to read her book. Put my name in the hat to win a book. It is awesome she mentions you and your blog on the video. God Bless her and you.

Sherry Dennis

teachnterp said...

I can't wait to win! I just know it's me! Looking forward to reading City of the Dead and letting everyone know about it!

robynl said...

How amazing it would be to see those Pyramids and to climb up one inside. Awesome!! Please enter me.


Anonymous said...

Terrific video! This whole series sounds terrific, and I'd like to read it. Please enter me in the drawing.

Deb Piccurelli

Holly Magnuson said...

Sounds like a fun book. Please enter me. Thanks for all you do!

Holly Magnuson said...

oops... forgot my email address... hollymag [at] gmail [dot] com

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a great book. Please enter me in the contest. My email address is shryackmom[@]charter[.]net

Mimi N said...

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who visited my blog to comment for "City of the Dead". I will post as soon as I find out who's won. I hope it's me, but I don't know who the competition is or how many comments they've gotten. :( Oh well, it was fun getting Tracy's book out there!


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