Monday, June 29, 2009

Mom NEEDS Chocolate by Debora M. Coty

Debora M. Coty is a woman on a mission. Since answering God’s call to write six years ago, Debora has published over 80 articles in international magazines, newspapers, and anthologies, and signed 11 book contracts! Her latest, Mom NEEDS Chocolate, just released from Regal Books and is endorsed by legendary funny ladies Martha Bolton and Patsy Clairmont.

Mom NEEDS Chocolate: Hugs, Humor and Hope for Surviving Motherhood puts moms back in touch with rejuvenating joy and empowering faith. From outrageous coping tips to off-the-wall insights, Coty’s humorous book will have you laughing out loud. With witty frankness and wild abandon, she tackles the highs and lows of marriage, the horror of embarrassing children, and the defeat (and re-defeat) of depression. If you’ve been wondering lately why in the world you embarked on the journey of motherhood, then Debora Coty has the perfect reminder in this book.

You can learn more about Debora (and her other books) at
Debora has a great perspective on being a woman. Her introduction lets us know that her book isn't going to be your everyday, run-of-the-mill devotional. She's down to earth, funny, and as she says, "...I don't lollygag around hot topics...".
At the beginning of each topic Debora has a quote from a wise person and a scripture. The she uses her wisdom and humor to bring to light topics such as pregnancy, motherhood, self-worth, and so on. She follows that with a prayer and encourages us to put our Faith in Action with several questions that make us think more deeply about what she's just covered.
This is such a great little book to have. It would make a fantastic gift for new moms, Mother's Day, a b-day presesnt, etc. Any mom would be able to relate to the topics in this book. Debora really does give us "Hugs, Humor and Hope for Surviving Motherhood".


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