Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Daughter the High School Graduate

My girl's on the far right. :)

How is the title of my post possible? Didn't I just graduate a few years ago? Try a couple decades ago. Trying to wrap my mind around is pretty impossible. I see my daughter and still see my high schooler. Of course, she's only been a graduate for 6 days.
Brie already headed to NWC and registered for classes. I was hoping to go with her, but found out it was going to be a day long process. I ended up going to work. I reminded her to get classes that started later in the day so that she'd be awake to get there on time.

This is what her friend's did to her while she was sleeping! hahahaha What are friend's for?

To say that she's not easy to wake up is putting it mildly. She has 2 alarm clocks and me waking her up. I have to start pretty early trying to get her up so that she'll actually wake up when needed. Some days it just wasn't working. I'd end up going downstairs to get ready for work. At some point, she'd finally wake up stressing out about running behind. Brie would say to me, "Why didn't you wake me up?" My response was, "Is your light on? The only way your light is on is if I went into your room to wake you up."

A few days a week she doesn't have to be to her first class until 9:30am! Good job. Even better is T/Th when her classes don't start until 11am or so! She's going to a Christian college and is planning on getting a degree in Elementary Ed. She's always wanted to be a teacher, Kindergarten preferably. Hope the economy turns around by the time she graduates.

The gal that recruited Brie, Jackie, is really neat. Brie's known her for 3+ yrs. Today Brie got a message from Jackie saying that she suggested Brie for a leadership role and that means she'll get about a $2000 scholarship per year. How awesome is that. What a blessings. Brie is a bit stressed because she's not a strong leader. Well, the thing is, she won't be the only person leading. It'll be a group of kids and she's been in the youth leadership for 3 yrs. I think she'll do great. It takes a lot of different personalities to make a leadership team. I also believe it will be good for her in the long run to have this experience. My suggestion was to try it out and at least see what it's about. Why not? She doesn't have anything to lose except the experience of it.
My best to all the 2009 graduates.


Linda said...

HA!!! We did that to a friend, too, only not on graduation day! Congratulations on her graduation! A big day in her life!

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