Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Dream to Call My Own by Tracie Peterson

by Tracie Peterson

ISBN: 0764201506
Publication Date: 2009
Number of Pages: 384
Vendor: Bethany House

I would like to thank Jim at Bethany House for sending me my review copy of A Dream to Call My Own. This is book 3 in the brides of gallatin county series. I have to admit that I'm very partial to Tracie Peterson and haven't read a book of hers I didn't like!

A Promise to Believe In was about Gwen Gallatin. A Love to Last Forever tells us Beth Gallatin's story. In A Dream to Call My Own we finally get to Lacy's story. For some reason, Lacy's story was the one I was most excited to read. Maybe because we only got parts of her in the first two books.

One of the major themes I like about this story is that we continue to interact with Gwen and Beth's families. Their stories are still woven together. Beth and Nick have their little boy Max at the beginning of this novel and that sets up their son, Justin, to cause all kinds of mischief. He believes they don't love him anymore because Max has come along.

Lacy and Dave find themselves stranded together at his parents house at the beginning of the story as well. The romantic tension that's been visible since book 1 comes to a head and choices have to be made, especially by Lacy. That choice sets Lacy up for the rest of the novel.

In the meantime, Hank and Nick decide that their little town is getting too rowdy. Rafe and his pal Mulholland have set up a scheme to draw people to their town and to buy up all the surrounding property. Their schemes have the good people looking to move towards the railroad and the prospects of a more civilized town.

Is that what Lacy wants? Is her heart where she is right now, and with Dave? Does she want to strike out on her own or move on with her sisters?

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