Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why Didn't I Leave "The Ugly Truth"?

My friend, "L" and I went to see the movie "The Proposal" tonight. She and I rarely get to hang out so I was thrilled we had the chance to go to the early evening show. I saw this movie a couple weeks ago and knew she and I had to go see it together. It's just that funny!

We should've known things weren't going so well when we were watching the previews and the before-the-movie-begins commercials were playing on top of them. As soon as I got up to tell the theater workers what was going on they fixed it.

About 1/2 way through "The Proposal" it did a split screen 1/2 horizontally. I went to tell them at the front counter and by the time I came back, the lights were up and the movie was off. Apparently, the movie fried while I was gone. We waited to see if it would be fixed and then I heard the side door open. I knew that was bad news. We were told the movie wasn't going to be fixed and they'd give us tickets to come back again.

The following opinion states some information that is NOT appropriate for children!!!!!!!

Well, "L" and I decided to go see "The Ugly Truth". I love Gerard Butler, at least I did in "PS I Love You". Not so much in "300", which I couldn't even watch all of. The previews for "The Ugly Truth" looked very comical and I figured it would be a cute rom-com. Was I entirely wrong!!!

I can't even tell you how many times I heard the "F" word. Well, to be honest, they swore pretty much through the entire film. That's not even the worst part. For me it was hearing Gerard Butler talk "honestly" about sex to Katherine Heigl. He tells her what men are constantly thinking, which bra to wear (and the reason was disgusting), and masturbation. I can't even begin to tell you how many times Katherine says a derogatory word for the male anatomy in one sentence. One reference Gerard makes about a man doing something to a woman made me want to get up right then and leave!

There was a teenage boy in this theater for heaven's sake!! I called my 18 yr old and told her I didn't think this movie would be appropriate at all for her to see. They talk about stuff she's never even heard of before. Then I called my friend who my 16 yr old is staying with and told her to not allow Ber to see the movie.

Reading reviews on Yahoo I had to agree with the critics this time. Reading viewers thoughts on the movie surprised me. Many of them liked it. One person who didn't care for it said they believed the positive reviews were stuffed by the producers. I'd have to agree. It was so quiet in our theater you could've heard a pin drop. I think we were all that uncomfortable.

I wish I would've gotten up and left. I'd say about 15 minutes into the movie I was ready to go, but I didn't know what "L" would think. Silly me, I should've just told her we'd go to a different movie!! She would've high tailed it with me. We could've gone to see "Funny People". Good thing we didn't have to pay to see this crass, unromantic movie!
Don't waste your time, money or brain cells on this dud of a movie! Go see "The Proposal" again!


Nora said...

I did LOVE the Proposal but I have to say I was a little disappointed that Sandra Bullock was naked for so long. It was tackful. I was disappointed she took her clothes off.

Saw the movie twice. LOVED the message!!

Nora :D


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