Monday, December 21, 2009

When My Son Sings Songs From My Youth

I don't watch much daytime television like I used to in years past. I have become somewhat busy in the last several years and didn't care to watch it. Well, since this fall all the time off I had from work and extra blogging I was doing, I had the tv on for background noise. Yes, I can't stand silence.

My boys came home one day and Oprah was on. Somehow I saw that she was doing a special on the new guy who sings for Journey. Does that band ring a bell for anyone who's at least over 35? I loved them when I was in Junior High. Sheesh I'm old.

Typically, I let my boys decompress from school before I make them do homework. They get to watch some cartoons while they eat their snack. This day though, I wanted to hear about the new guy. Let me just qualify what's to come in that my boys love to play Rock Band with the rock music.

So, we listened and the guy was a dead ringer for Perry! I couldn't believe it. I also was surprised that my 10 yr old enjoyed the music. He enjoyed it so much, he YouTubed Journey! Man did we hear those songs over and over again!! Turns out this song is from X-Men.

So, tonight after I tucked the boys in, Buddy starts singing some random song. Next he says, "Hey mom...Just a small town girl. Living in a lonely world. She took the midnight train goin' anywhere. Just a city boy. Born and raised in South Detroit. He took the midnight train goin' anywhere." He sang it in pitch and in tune! I nearly fell over. Do you know how many decades it was before I knew Steve Perry was saying, "Born and raise in South Detroit"? Yes, decades! Oh, admit it, there are words to songs you love that you don't know either! My dare for you is to try and not sing along! :0)

I had headed downstairs and Buddy says to me, "What was it called that you used to have that you used to listen to this on? Was it a different kind of CD player?" Ah, sweet child no, that was back in the day of cassette tapes! Do you have ANY idea how strange it is to hear my 10 yr old singing a song I was in love with nearly 25 30 yrs ago?

Don't Stop Believing is off the 1981 album Escape. This was one of my favorite albums for years. I mean, I could sing every single song (minus a few words here and there). How many albums can we truly say that about? Do you remember these songs:

ESCAPE by Journey
  1. Don't Stop Believin'

  2. Stone in Love

  3. Who's Cryin' Now

  4. Keep on Runnin'

  5. Still They Ride

  6. Escape

  7. Lay It Down

  8. Dead or Alive

  9. Mother Father

  10. Open Arms
Those songs are still so fresh in my mind. I remember when I was in my sad place, "Still They Ride" was there to help the tears flow. And what girl didn't want to dance with her sweetheart to Open Arms?


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