Friday, September 3, 2010

Feel Good Friday: What’s Goin’ On

 Feel Good Friday
Erika, you rock for encouraging us to feel good about the things that happened during each week. Even when it’s been as bad as mine!
If you’d like to participate in Feel Good Friday head to The Girl Next Door Grows Up and learn all about how to participate!
I know there are a lot of things to feel good about, but I feel like I’ve been so busy and so much crap has happened this week at our house that I’m finding very little “feel good” this week.
As a recap here’s what’s happened in the past week and a half:

  1. Freezer had defrosted over a period of time and built up enough stench that I still can’t get it out of my house. I lost all the food in there.
  2. IMG_3522 Then the cat puked and when I went to get the paper towels, lo and behold, the drain in my kitchen sink had snapped! My cupboard was sopping wet!
  3. My dryer is taking about 2 hrs to dry clothing. Not sure what the issue is!
  4. Washed my deck so I could seal it. The weather app I was using on my Google homepage said it was supposed to be sunny for the next 3 days. It was sunny when I started washing. 2 hrs later I was done. 4 hours later it rained…A LOT. I let the creators know exactly what I thought of their app and that I was deleting it. Then I downloaded The Weather Channel app. It said rain the next several days.
Before IMG_3542 1 So, in the midst of that insanity this past week, I got my hair cut! My hair is so happy. Why can’t I recreate what Angie does?
We had open house yesterday for both boys. What a zoo at the middle and elementary schools!
I went to Smashburger with LP, and her family so I could do a review on my Marvelous Mom Reviews site! That was some good eating!

My mom sent me clothing for my birthday…which was in July. =) My mom has ADD too but refuses to acknowledge that fact. The bottoms were 3 sizes too big. Thank you God there is a receipt. The shirts she got were from Aero and even their Medium is skin tight. So, I get to go shopping and do some returns. Wheee

I know, nothing terribly exciting, but that’s all I got for ya!


Shell said...

Love your hair!

My mom always sends me gigantic bottoms. Gee, thanks, guess my butt looks big.

Btw, I don't know if you already follow today's featured blogger, but if not, I know you will love her- she's very inspiring.

Madison said...

Your hair is happy. Looks great.

Karen said...

Sounds like one of those weeks.

As for your dryer make sure that the vent is cleaned out and it could be something to do with the heating element. Please get it checked so it doesn't start a fire.

Love your hair cut.

Melanie said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. What a week you've had! I hope your long weekend is more relaxing and fun.

Joey Lynn Resciniti said...

Good grief! I hope your house is more loving toward you in the coming week!

I love your hair cut! That's something to feel good about!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm your newest follower via Feel Good Friday.
Looking forward to reading more from you.

Marie (hope you'll come by for a visit sometime, I love new followers.)
The Things We Find Inside

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