Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Son’s Tic

Back in January of this year, my youngest son Doodle started having throat problems. At first it wasn’t noticeable. I realized he was coughing/clearing his throat a lot, but it didn’t stand out to me.

Then it started happening almost constantly. It was driving us all crazy. To me, when he cleared his throat, it sounded phlegmy. In between the clearing of his throat he would do a bit of coughing.

Of course I took him to the doctor because I thought he might have allergies, but in January? In Minnesota? And non-stop for mIMG_1264onths?

We didn’t see his regular doctor because I figured if were allergies this other doc could diagnose it. I told him what signs I saw and what I thought was going on. He basically repeated back to me what I had said. Um, I’m not the one with the degree pal. He was worthless.

I decided to have him see the Elementary school counselor. We’ve used her before and she’s fantastic with kids and families. Why had it taken me so long to think of this?

I would say within a week of seeing her, the tic had decreased significantly. I was shocked. I wasn’t sure if it was a tic, but once we saw this amazing improvement, I was convinced.

I looked back to January and don’t see a catalyst for his tic. He did have tubes put in his ears but that was his 3rd surgery in his life and he didn’t seem concerned about it whatsoever. Nothing “bad” had happened that I know of.

When he would have it at home, it seemed to follow no course or happen during specific times. It was just there.

By the end of school I saw no signs of the tic anymore.

During the summer, it cropped up a couple of times and I would ask Doodle if something had happened or if he was upset about something. The answer was always, “no”, but I still asked. It would only last a little while and not show up again.

I know that if this or some other tic comes up, we’ll be visiting the school counselor. She really is awesome. Hey, maybe she could do some adult counseling. If so, make me an appointment!


Joy Tamsin David said...

When my son was 7, I noticed rapid eye blinking while he was watching a movie. It freaked me out and I asked him what was going on. He didn't realize he was doing it. I knew right away they were facial tics, and I started crying. The first thing I thought was "Oh no, they're gonna tease him at school." :(

He's 10 now and he still gets tics. They wax and wane. Usually it's the eye blinking, but he's also had coughing and shoulder shrugging. I notice that if he's been playing lots of video games or watching too much TV, they get worse, so I limit those activities.

I'm not upset about him having them anymore. LOL. I mean in the grand scheme of things it could be worse. His twin brother had to have open heart surgery, so compared to that, tics are a walk in the park. I notice them way more than anyone else. And I don't draw his attention to them b/c I don't want him to be self conscious.

I took him to a neurologist to rule out anything major. The internet says many boys grow out of them by adulthood.

Anyway, all this to say, I know what you're going through. Hang in there. :)


Mimi said...

I have noticed my kids go in and out of a couple of these types of things, and been able to have them go away. I never found the cause or reason for them.

Just keep an eye on your little Doodle, I know you always do.

Hugs & love,

Anonymous said...

If EMily has a lot on her mind or is tired she will kind of hum when watching TV and it drives me nuts. She doesn't know she is doing it, but I know that she needs more sleep!

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