Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Bachelorette: Let the Dating Begin

Ashley So, did you catch tonight’s Bachelorette? The first date was with William. During the wedding ceremony, yes wedding ceremony, I was struck with how much he reminded me of Prince William. He had moments where I thought he was a doppelganger. This was probably one of my favorite funny parts of tonight’s episode. Poor William was sweating bullets. But he kept pressing on even saying, “I do” during the ceremony! I would’ve been all over that bandwagon! Ashley decided to postpone the wedding.

I was a bit concerned when he told Ashley he would love to be a comedian. Right now he’s a cell phone salesman and honestly, Ashley seems like she wants someone more grounded and in a career. He did bring on the seriousness when he talked about his dad’s alcoholism and sweet Ashley could relate because of her own dad.WilliamThey had an amazing date at the Bellagio and the end was dreamy!

As for the group date, the guys were sent to Vegas and split into 2 teams having to compete in a dance competition. The winning team was able to stay and have more time with Ashley. I was so annoyed when Bentley’s team won. That guy makes me want to spit! I have to say Kudos to these guys for bringing their A game when it came time to perform in front of an audience. Ashley was spectacular! That girl is cut and she can dance!

Listening to Bentley’s comments make me want to vomit. If I were related to him, I’d be ashamed and I would call him out big time. He’d better make a new video series apologizing to his daughter for his horrendous behavior. The other part that makes me the most mad is that the rest of the guys are there to truly try to win Ashley’s heart and he’s playing games. He’s not a man in my eyes, but a worm. And Ashley pleading with him to stay made me ill. All that she’s putting into this jerk after the text messages warning her? For real? Has she not seen this show? People know what’s going on. She’s a fool to allow him to stay. Giving him the rose was beyond what I can say was a level headed decision.

MickeyThe next date, chosen by a flip of the coin was with Mickey. I enjoyed getting to know him throughout the date. It was really cute that they made every decision with the flip of a coin. In the end, even though he got the rose, I really didn’t see any sparks between them. He is a hottie, but even more than that he was/is a mama’s boy. His mom passed away, but clearly she left a lasting impression and he admitted he’s a better man because of her!

I was very bummed that Jeff’s mask reveal didn’t happen. That Matt’s timing really stinks. I wonder if the interruption was made by the producers, which wouldn’t surprise me. I mean, to a degree it is getting to be a bit creepy and I feel like he’s taking it a bit far, but I understand his thinking. Ashley is getting to know him for him instead of his looks, and possibly out of curiosity!

Ok ladies, who’s with me about the Bentley commentary and the kiss? How much would you like to crack him in the mouth? And Ashley says she has pretty good radar? Um, could someone get her a new radar? Hers is on the fritz.

In the end I was glad West and Blake got roses. The rest I don’t really have opinions on yet. I feel bad for the guys who were sent home instead of Jeff. At least there weren’t any tears. It was sad when Matt called his mom telling him to pick him up a the airport and love on him. As for Jeff, watching him vacuuming at the end of the show made me think he’s not so bad. At least he’s domesticated.

Do you have any favorites yet?


KristinFilut said...

Hahaha! I watched the Bachelorette YEARS ago when Trista was on it. I even tried to sign up for the Bachelorette YEARS ago. But I am a mama and they frowned on that.

Lily said...

I agree that William looks SO much like Prince William it is uncanny! And i too think that mask really needs to come off. I didn't feel all that wild about Mickey either. I don't think he is as cute as she thinks he is!! And i really like the construction manager guy. He is SO cute and has such nice warmth in his face. I think she should pick him and William and send everyone else home. And West could stay too. Seems like a nice group of guys! I torture my DH by making him watch this with me and entertain comments such as "he isn't cute, is he? do you think he's cute?" for the length of the show!! LOL

Liz Mays said...

I thought he looked like Prince William too! I saw zero connection with Mickey, and he needs to smile more.

Can't stand Bentley, but I admit that it makes for good tv.

I really don't like Ashley at all. I just don't find her likable.

And that masked guy? Ridiculous!

Krissa said...

I'm watching it right now...and oh wow. Bentley. Gross. I feel bad for his daughter. What a creep. I haven't seen the whole episode, but I think I like JP.

Home Inspector Expert said...

Finally something interesting coming from this silly show... a guy who actually is real... a Lot of women may fine Bently a real Douchebag, SOB, and other harsh terms, and probably the most hated guy on the Bachelorette.... But in my opinion I think he was on the money...He got a trip to Vegas and a lot of prepping and attention as did she... But in the end... he did her a favor... He came out a winner and she went bust.... Too many times both shows suck because the participates act like the Stepford bachelors and bachelorettes... Robotic and stupid. But these guys seem real and tell it from heart...

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