Saturday, May 28, 2011

Project 52: Week 22

Well, I’m thinking my life needs to get more eventful (in a good way) so I have moments worth capturing on my camera.

Ok, this is a really bad job of it, but I tried stitching photos together to give you an idea of the size of my yard. I mow the yard to the left of the trampoline and to the left of the house, and the trampoline yard one day. The 2nd day I mow directly in front of the house and the front ditch. the 3rd day I mow the right side of the house and the ditch. Doing it in chunks makes it doable for me.

As you can see, I had to add the rest of my driveway. I didn’t quite get that as I took my shots. Now if I had my daughter, Smooch’s camera, I would’ve been able to get the whole yard in one shot!

stiched 2

This is the side of the yard that took me two hours. Really, you have to see it in person to believe me. Can you tell where I stopped mowing?IMG_6392This little cove of trees (below on right) is where we have a fire pit. One of the log benches will need to be replaced at some point because it’s totally rotting! IMG_6390 Squee, my bearded Iris are getting ready to burst!!! So excited. They’re so beautiful. I think I’ll have to separate them this year.IMG_6408This will be my first year with Peony blooms. I’ve had this bush for 3 yrs and my dog always runs it over at the beginning of Spring. This year I put a small fence around it.IMG_6410 Today, Saturday, our little town had their annual Chili Cook-Off. This year my favorite was the local bank. It was really chunky, which I LOVE. It had a hot bite after you tasted it which I enjoyed because then I could test the rest of the flavors without being overwhelmed with spice. And lastly there was an underlying fruity flavor to it as well. All around, my favorite!

Chili Cook OffWe were treated to ice cream by Grandma H and Grandpa K from church. They’re the boys “adopted” grandparents. It’s very sweet! Buddy can’t wait to go out swimming with Grandpa K this summer. He actually went under water because he gained so much confidence with him at the lake last year!


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