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The Song of Unmaking by D. Barkley Briggs & A G1VEAWAY

The Song of Unmaking
by D. Barkley Briggs
Publisher: Living Ink Books

About the Book:

He was once the greatest champion in the land. Then he disappeared. With Nemesia's defeat, the Barlows have helped turn the tide in the Hidden Lands. But the victory is short-lived. An even greater evil stirs in the north with a fierce new army bent on destruction. As the twins, Gabe and Garret, discover their own special powers, a thin thread of hope emerges: long ago, a fabled king was rescued from death on our world and hidden on Karac Tor. Who is he? Each brother has their part to play. Hadyn must travel north to warn the land rulers, which leaves Ewan with a bitter choice. Will he sacrifice what is most precious to discover whether Corus lives? Even more important, if Corus is alive, can he wake the Sleeping King of legend...before it's too late? 

My Review:

I have to be honest, I've been waiting for this book to come out for a long time! Briggs does NOT disappoint. I grew up reading fantasy/sci fi so I have a somewhat high standard when it comes to that genre. Even more so when it's a Christian novel. Making sure that it's clear about good vs evil, that there is a God and not all hocus pocus is an important point for Christian fantasy.

Now, this is book 3 in the Legends of Korac Tor and it would behoove you to read the first two. There are people, places and words that you'd familiarize yourself with and be able to understand the dynamics between the characters.

The brothers are still clinging to hope that one day an answer will be found and they'll make it back to their world. As the brothers go about living in this world I try to imagine what it's like for Ewan to have traded away his powers while his brothers continue to harness theirs. Briggs certainly helps us empathize with Ewan's plight.

The Goths are on the attack and Odessa is trying to keep them at bay. She knows she only has so much time and all could be lost, but she holds out hope, barely.

Then there's the machine that is being built throughout the story. As the brothers try to find a way to stop it there's a few bumps and bruises along the way!

As you weave your way through The Song of Unmaking, you will be drawn into this world and find it hard to leave behind! I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have another D. Barkley Briggs book in my hand. He knows how to tug at your emotions and have you pulling for the good guys! I can't wait for my boys to get a bit older so they can dive into this series!

About the Author

D. Barkley Briggs is an author with a background in radio, public relations, product development, and-for eleven years-pastoring. He and his wife Jeanie, both previously widowed, live in the Midwest along with their eight children. (Yes, we are regularly amazed, too.) Learn more

About the Giveaway:

“The Fantasy Prize Pack Giveaway" contains forty-­‐eight (48) of the best YA Christian fantasy novels on the planet, plus a brand new Kindle  Fire™...FREE! But that's not all. Second Place gets a FREE iPod™ Shuffle. Briggs has also collected several mini-­‐prizes, including dragon jewelry and children's books.To
enter, participants must upload at least one photo of themselves reading a book from Briggs’ Legends of Karac Tor series (The Book of Names, Corus the Champion, or The Song of Unmaking) to his Facebook page. The contest launches Nov. 1 and concludes Nov. 30. For official rules, visit

I receive this book for review. The opinions expressed are my own and never influenced by the company.


D. Barkley Briggs said...

Mimi, thanks for your very kind words. I'm so glad the book held up to your high expectations. And thanks for sticking with me through the downturn at Navpress. Whew! Many blessings...

Tonia said...

I use to read all of the time, I just do not seem to find the time anymore. This book sounds very intriguing and I think I could get into it. I just may have to find it and make time to read it :)

Rebecca Dolores said...

This book looks great. I think it would be a great read for my teenage cousins too, who LOVE to read fiction but can't seem to find enough good Christian novels.

Ashley S said...

Sounds like an interesting book for anyone who enjoys the fantasy genre!

UntrainedHairMom said...

This sounds like an enjoyable book, great review

Greta said...

Sounds like a very interesting book!

How Was Your Day

Michelle Maskaly said...

Glad you enjoyed the book.

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