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Kmart Tabletop Holiday Decorating #Cbias #KmartHoliday

Ok, I have a confession. I haven’t done a single thing to decorate for Christmas. Yep, not a single thing. My 12yo son on the other hand got tired of me waiting and brought his tinsel Christmas tree that he made in 4th grade into the house. It’s our only decoration.

Well, I just got a phone call from a good friend asking me if I wanted a Christmas tree. This year I was going to forego it since we’re heading out of town for Christmas, but since the boys have been asking me when I’m going to decorate, I decided we’d take the tree.

Then I had the opportunity to go shopping at Kmart for tabletop decorations. I have to be honest here. I’ve never decorated a table for Christmas. I know, my life has been so empty until now. I just don’t know how to decorate and always think what I come up with isn’t going to even match.

Before I went, I headed to Kmart online to get some ideas of the choices I would have before I got to the store. I wasn’t even sure what I’d want to decorate a table. Thankfully, I got some really great ideas and couldn’t wait to check out the centerpieces!Kmart OnlineSo, today I decided it was high time to figure out what the heck I was doing and find some gene inside me that could make decorations match. Today I’ll just be sharing my shopping trip. My next Kmart post will show you the end result!

I’m lucky to even have found Kmart today with all the fog. The picture you see here is from another time I shopped at Kmart because I couldn’t even see the sign!

Right I walked in, there was Christmas product and signage! Thankfully, Kmart keeps their holiday products in the same area so I headed to the other side of the store. See, I was heading in the right direction!

IMG_0042 I got to the holiday section and the first thing I find is their centerpieces. Unfortunately, it’s so late in the season my options were pretty limited. I know, sad, but it’s my own fault for waiting for so long! I perused what they had and decided I’d come back after I did more window shopping before my cart shopping.Tabletop

What I was also really interested in was linens. I don’t have a single table linen in my home. Nope, not a one. Not even NON-holiday linens. I’m telling you, I’ve lived a sheltered life.

I walked around the holiday section trying to find other items I could add to my tabletop. A lot of what I found initially would be perfect for the kitchen. I would’ve purchased some of those if I even thought I’d have the time to clean and decorate in there. I was tickled to find a lot of Star Wars themed items and I’ll be going back to get a couple for those boys of mine.Kitchen ideasThe more I went into the holiday shop, the more I found for the whole season! There was wrapping paper, gift bags, storage totes, food, paper products, and candy galore!

I was still intent on finding table linens so I asked one of the employees and she gave me easy directions. But, before I headed anywhere, I wanted to make sure I grabbed some decorations. I was pretty indecisive so I grabbed two 3pc Goblet Sets: Poinsettia Stem Set and . I’m thinking my table is big enough that I could put one on one end and the other set on the other.Table linensI wasn’t sure what candles I wanted to I decided to come back after I mulled it over for a bit.

I was happy to find the table linens exactly where they were supposed to be. Now was the time to panic. What goes together? I wish the packaging would’ve show a complete dining table totally decorated.Table ideasDo I go with all the same colors? All red, all green, or all cream? Do I mix and match to make it more festive? People, I had no idea what I was doing! And there were so many accessories: napkins, napkin holders, doilies, table runners, etc.

So, I decided to do a cream table cloth. I know, what would anyone in their right mind be doing getting a cream table cloth? Well, there were enough of the other colors so that I would have a full set of what I think I need!Kmart holidayThen I got a green table runner, red napkin holders, red placemats, green napkins, and poinsettia doilies. For some reason this got my thinking cap really smoking and I wanted to buy one of everything! I kept my spending to a dull roar, but decided to go back to the holiday section to see if there were more that I wanted to add to my aroundI decided on a 3pc hurricane set that isn’t as fancy as the other 2 sets of Goblets. Who knows, I might want to be a bit less hoity toity. I also added some cinnamon scented pinecones that I’d put into the hurricanes for wintery decoration.

My shopping cart filled up very quickly and my brain was on overload. All I could do was hope that when I got home everything in my cart would come together in perfect harmony! We’ll have to see in my next Kmart post if it all worked out!

Do you typically go all out when it comes to decorating? Is every room decorated in some fashion?

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Jen @ BigBinder said...

I can't wait to see the results :)

Alicia said...

The fog was horrible here too! I bet your table decorations will look great!

M. C. Pearson said...

Haha...I haven't decorated yet either. This weekend, for sure!

Just Short said...

So many great choices. Can't wait to see what you do.

Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva said...

looks like it will be very festive Mimi!!!

Liz Mays said...

You sounded so cute in this post as you pondered all the options! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Samantha said...

i love the snowmen- i can't wait to see what you do!

Pamela J said...

We have mostly NOT decorated since the kids grew up and moved away from home. One year we had LOTS of decorations out; even on the outside along the eves of the house. Seems that year was a huge crop of tumble weeds so I gathered them up, anchored them down, spray-painted them green with silver tips and put tiny red bows all over on each and ran blinking lights down through them. That lined my walk to to porch. The heavy frost that year lingered on everything and made it most beautiful. Inside the house, we usually decorated the room with the tree (lately being a 3-foot tree already decorated when bought) whether it be the living room or dining room. It IS fun to put a Christmas tablecloth on the table, but mine are the plastic kind with felt on the back.
Thanks for sharing your shopping story. It does make me want to go look, though we won't be home till next year.

Kathy Mruphy said...

I bet it will turn out great. I like mixing colors. I would say I do a medium amount of decorating.

Randa Derkson said...

I haven't decorated. Actually, I'm thinking about taking down my tree. I'm heading home (14 hours away) for Christmas this year, so I won't even be here and mys tree just stresses me out.

Michelle Maskaly said...

I only decorated the outside of my house this year, so far. My family was never big on tabletop decorations, but I kinda love fun, handmade pieces.

Beck Valley Books said...

What a fantastic looking store, my idea of a dream come true, glad im in the UK though otherwise id be spending a fortune there !!

Ashley S said...

Wow! What festive ideas! I definitely need a new centerpiece for my dining room table. Looks like Kmart is the place to go!


I'm so jealous that you had so much tabletop stuff to choose from! Our Kmart had a lot of tree trimming and decorating stuff, but not even half of the table linen you had to choose from! And good for your son for taking the initiative to get the decorating ball rolling! :-)

Nat (Lendo Romances) said...

this time of the year is so chaotic! I take ages to do stuff cause I never have enough time! =(

Unknown said...

I often have trouble with the visualization process, myself! I'm always amazed when inspiration strikes; it usually comes to me bit by bit, as opposed to whole picture - but I always get there eventually!

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