Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Filed For Divorce Today

Today was a pivotal day in my life. After being separated for over 5 yrs, I filed for divorce!

We were at the Clerk's desk and we had to keep swearing that information was true, blah blah blah and at one point she said something about filing other papers and that if we wanted to take that time to think about "it" that was OK. I was like, "Are you kidding me? No, we're getting divorced!" He on the other hand was more like, "Yah, you should listen to her. She knows what she's talking about."

My response, "Any way we could expedite this?" *grin*

We had to run (yes I literally speed walked) to another part of the courthouse to drop off papers with a different office and then go back to the clerk again to have her file them with our other stack. Trust me, the "ex" could barely keep up. I think he was a bit surprised at how excited I was through the entire process. He shouldn't have been. Trust me. He knows this has been coming for such a long time.

Well, my excitement turned to disappointment when in the afternoon I received a call letting me know we were going to have to pay the full filing fee instead of having it waived. So, that means tomorrow I have to go slap down $400 to get the divorce on the record books and get a date!

Yes, for me that will be a significant amount of dough with all the things I actually "need" it for. But, I NEED this divorce. I need to move on with my life. I'm ready for it. I've lost 5 yrs of my life, gone into my 40s while waiting. Waiting for God to change my heart or to allow me to leave. I've been allowed and I'm running for the door!

This won't be easy by any stretch of the imagination. I'm excited to have closure on this painful part of  my life, but it's also scary. I have to trust him to be a man of his word. Something he's had a very hard time doing. I believe that he loves his boys enough to continue to do the right thing. Time will tell.

Yep, this marriage, I'm outta here! C'est la vie!


hippie_mom said...

Being a mom makes decisions like those difficult, but sometimes we have to respect ourselves enough to know when enough is enough. I am proud of you for doing what you needed to do!

TheAtticGirl said...

I'm celebrating your release and your healing! Onto a new chapter in your life. Ouch on the cost; I know how hard it is to throw down money when you don't really have it. But at least now it's done. Hugs!

Bruce Sallan (@BruceSallan) said...

GOOD FOR YOU, Mimi and the best of luck with it. Do not expect the frayed emotions to go away right away...but they will. Especially when you meet a good man and you will!

SensiblySara said...

{HUG} I hope the process is as quick as you need it to be!

If you ever want to talk, I will be happy to listen!

Sara (Used to be Doodle741 - now SensiblySara)

Kristin_OPC said...

Meem!!!!! Wow! I am so proud of your courage! I love you and will pray for this next chapter in your life!!!

Marriage from Scratch said...

Best wishes for you.

~Christina @ Marriage from Scratch

Liz Mays said...

That stinks that they're not waiving the fee, but I'm really glad that you're finally getting this done so you can move on!

amp said...

I have been where you are now. It does get better. You deserve to be happy and you have made that choice now and it is all up from here!

Kristin Marriott said...

Oh my goodness - sounds like you've had years to think this over! Congrats on starting a new chapter in your life!!!
Sending prayers and hugs your way : )

Anonymous said...

You know $400 is a lot but for the peace of mind and ability to move forward, it doesn't seem as great when you look at it that way. Best wishes!

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