Friday, February 10, 2012

Clipix: Organize Your Life


I have to admit, I'm terrible at bookmarking pages I visit and want to return to at some point. I always just hope I'll remember and honestly, I know I won't! So, when I heard about clipix I was totally stoked! I immediately went to the site and created a few clipboards I knew I was going to use right away.

I was searching for fitness companies I wanted to work with! So, I spent the day searching online and when I found something I really liked, I clicked the new "Clip" button on my tool board and a little window popped up that allowed me to pick the picture I wanted and add it automatically added a description! So cool! I can also choose who I want to see the photo like everyone or to have it private. I know, don't you love it. I like having control of who sees what because sometimes there are things I'll want simply for my own viewing.

My Clipix Fitness Clipboard

I know my daughter would love this for recipes! She's always visiting one site or another to try something new. That way she could have a Recipe clipboard and as she's plugging along she'd be able to save them and go back to them when she's ready to make something at her dorm!

Here's a video to let you see how it works, but trust me, it's easy. I was Clipping instantly. They made this tool user friendly and I'm so excited to keep using it! 

I also like that when I'm searching through other Clips, I can see what site the Clip came from. I don't have to wonder if by clicking the link it's going to go to some random site that isn't safe or appropriate!  Now, the only thing I have to do is not become addicted to Clipping everything! LOL

Make sure to follow Clipix on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on all their activities! They're also working on an iPhone app! Hopefully a Droid app will be next!

What would you use Clipix for? Have you found a way to keep track of the sites you visit?

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Sharalee Klein said...

Have you used pinterest? Seems a lot like that. But I'm going to check it out now!

Anonymous said...

Nice review. I am reluctant in joining Clipix cuz I already have a Pinterest account. What's the special difference? Then there's the clone Pinspire. Which is which?

Rachel Cotterill said...

It sounds pretty like Pinterest, but with the option to have private pins. Glad you've found something that's working for you :)

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