Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Next Cell Phone

I’ve been debating what phone I want to get when my eligibility comes up. I thought after a year I could get a new one. Turns out I have to wait until month 20 of my current plan unless I want to pay a $25 fee. At month 20 I’ll get $50 towards a new phone.

Wednesday after Bible Study, I headed to the Verizon store just to see what all 4 phones were like in my hand. I wanted to get my hands on them to see how I felt when I was holding them.

I don’t want some large bulky phone. I want slim and easy to hold. That’s one reason why I like my Droid 2. It’s small and easy to hold. I also liked having the keyboard. Yes, past tense. When I finally started using Swype I never went back. Swype does mess up my words quite often and I don’t always remember to edit before I text or message. Oops!

I wasn’t sure if I wanted another phone with a keyboard. The boys use the keyboard when they text their sister. That’s the only time it’s used. I think I’m nervous just thinking about not having it.

iphone _1 The first phone, of course, was the iPhone 4 and 4s. My niece has one and over Christmas all the cousins were having conversations with Siri! o_O I don’t ever use voice commands on my phone so I’m not sure I would want Siri. I’m going to have to talk to people who have the 4s to see what their thoughts are. Heck, the basic 4 is only $100! I’m not sure why, but it shows with Verizon, 4G isn’t available with the iPhone. Lame!

Razr_1Next there was the Motorola Razr and Razr Maxx. There’s a hundred dollar price difference and the battery life makes it well worth it! Almost 500 more usage minutes with the Maxx! Neither of these has a QWERTY keyboard physically. These are basically the same phones.Droid 4_1

Then there was the Droid 4. Holding this one felt very comfortable and since I have the Droid 2, it was easy to navigate and play with. As I was messing with it, I realized, do I really want a newer version of the phone that I’m ready to throw out the window as I’m driving down the freeway? I took a picture with it and it takes the same crappy pictures my 2 does.

So, the Razrs and the Droid are all made by Motorola. I’m thinking there isn’t going to be a huge difference between the three of them. The Razrs were huge in my hands. Bigger than I cared for. So awkward to hold, but a nice big screen for viewing.

When I left the store, I really felt like I’d probably end up getting the iPhone when May came around. I liked the way it felt in my hand. I really love the photos it takes, so clear and easy to see and of course, who can forget about Instagram? I know a couple of people who just got these as their new phones so I’m going to let them play around with them for a while and see what they think.

What do you have if you have a smartphone? Have you switched from Android based phones to iOS or the other way around? Does it matter really if it’s a 16GB or 32GB? That’s a $100 difference right there! And really, does color really matter? I know so many people want the white one. I’m just going to put a case over it anyhow! =)

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macgyver915 said...

A year and a half ago, I thought that I would definitely buy a smartphone with a physical keyboard, but wound up deciding that I didn’t really need a keyboard and it wound up being a good decision. I’ve got a Droid X2 currently (which is just a bit smaller in your hand than the Razr) and while I’ve said that I thought anything bigger would be too big (I’m not a big guy), after trying out a Razr Maxx in the store, I’m pretty sure that I will be getting one when I’m eligible (in May also). I too thought about an iPhone, but there was just no way to go to a smaller screen! That half an inch less of screen size made too much of a difference for me.

Looking at the specs Motorola lists for your Droid 2 and the Razr Maxx, the Maxx is about half an inch taller, a third of an inch wider and is actually thinner and weighs less than the Droid 2 - It wouldn’t hurt to try to find a Razr to play around with for a while also.

As you found, no iPhone currently supports 4G, and the speed difference between 3G and 4G is substantial. The iPhone does get the nod for the better camera, but not by a tremendous amount.
Motorola hardware is probably the best made – you wouldn’t believe some of the things my Droid has been through without a scratch and it continues to work great.

When you add 20+ hours talk time on the Maxx, I think that overall the Razr is a better value than the current iPhone (I might change my mind when the next iPhone comes out, as it is rumored to have a larger screen and 4G). But if the Razr is just too large for you, it sounds like the iPhone will be your next phone.

Unknown said...

I'll have to see what others have to say. I still have not upgraded to a smartphone, and like you I'm almost to my upgrade point. I have very small hands, so size is a big deal for me, but I had read that iPhones also don't support flash & I'd need flash.

Monique said...

I didn't think I would like a touch screen. While I still miss the ease of a keyboard I like the larger screen of my HTC EVO. Yes, upgrade the memory but I would say that 8GB is enough. I have 2 and I can't add apps since they take up too much space.

Bridgette said...

Earlier this year, I got a HTC Thunderbolt. LOVE IT. Best phone I have ever had. It comes with so many features, is slim, you can speak commands for just about every single thing you want to do, it's pretty. It's very user friendly, and worth every penny., Our cellphone carrier is also verizon...

(Oh, and I have small hands, too [if this tells you anything, I am not even 5 foot tall] and the phone is small for me. and it is very lightweight.)

I would recommend this phone to anyone. It's the best phone I have ever had! Here is more about it:

MMAR said...

I have the 4s and don't use siri BUT I love the iphone's and not sure that I would want anything else... I do have a friend who loves the droids better!! I think it is a very personal choice! Since you have a droid you might like the newer droid better :)

Unknown said...

I'm getting my new phone next week. I somehow lost my Blackberry, in my house, if you can believe that? Anyway, I'm going to get the Razr, I've done a LOT of research and I love the Kevlar back and the gorilla skin screen. I need something bullet proof as hard as I am on phones. :)

Bridgette said...

Maybe I should do a video review of the HTC Thunderbolt on my blog? What are all of the features you are most interested in about having?? That way I know to definitely put those in (as I don't know how similar our phone needs/wants are...)

Spring Crappie fishing said...

4G isn’t available with the iPhone. Lame!It comes with so many features, is slim, you can speak commands for just about every single thing you want to do, it's pretty

Bruce Sallan said...

I'm iPhone and Apple ALL the way these days...don't know why I stuck with my Blackberry for so long!

Amy from GrinningCheektoCheek said...

You'll love the iPhone Mimi! You'll be desperate like me when you get stuck without it (or when it's in the car for a movie screening... uGH!)

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