Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sleep Number m7 Memory Foam Bed

Sleep Number Last week I headed to the local mall to check out the Sleep Number® store. Admittedly, I haven’t been there before. I’ve wanted to check them out, but until recently hadn’t been in the market for a new bed.

With the divorce, I’m ready to move on from the bedroom set I have (it’s his anyway). When I walked into the Sleep Number store, I wasn’t too worried about wanting a new bed when I left.

HA! That was a mistake.

I met Tom, the Sleep Number® expert and he spent an awesome amount of time with me showing me the different beds. Tom’s been with the company for 3 1/2 years and I could tell he knew what he was talking about and wasn’t at ALL a pushy sales guy! He just knew his stuff!

Sleep Number c3First we started out having me lay down c3 to figure out what my Sleep Number® was. When I first laid down it was like a rock to me at the 100. I like a squishy, cozy bed! He brought me down to bit by bit and stopped at a 30 when I told him I was comfortable.

You see that computer next to the bed? That’s what showed me how my body contours when I lay on it! You can see where you carry a lot of pressure. The red is the highest pressure.

Before the adjustment:

Sleep Number 2 After the adjustment:

Sleep Number 1

Tom brought me back up to 100 and let it drop down again, but this time it went to 25. It felt absolutely perfect. I actually would’ve been quite satisfied at that point and not had the need to try out another bed!

Sleep NumberOf course, that’s not how it works. There are so many beds with different features to choose from!

Next we went to the m7. As soon as I laid down, I could feel how cool it was. It has 3-inches of CoolFit™ foam with gel technology! I tell  you, for these super hot summers we have in MN, I could get used to that bed! Tom gave me a couple of pillows to try on this bed and I was happy with the first one he gave me, which was one of the CoolFit™ pillows.

Sleep Number m7One of the first things I noticed was how I felt like I contoured to the bed even before Tom had adjusted my number. While I was laying on the bed I told Tom that I was pretty sure I was never leaving. He made sure that I knew the mall cops wouldn’t be thrilled to still find me there.

Make sure you visit to learn more about the Sleep Number® m7 memory foam bed!

Next we moved on to the i8 wish has temperature balancing technology so basically through the night, it adjusts to you so you’re not too hot or too cold! Seriously, technology is SO flippin’ awesome!

Sleep Number i8While I was laying on the i8, Tom showed me all the accessories you can purchase and modify to fit you! They ahve In Balance Sheets that also help you stay cool through the night. Ladies, if you’re dealing with night sweats or other symptoms of menopause, I HIGHLY suggest you look into all of the options Sleep Number® has! I felt the difference between a watch of regular sheets and the In Balance bedding made with  Outlast® ones…let me assure you, the difference is pronounced!

Sleep Number In Balance

The feature that piqued my interest was the FlexFit™ Adjustable Base. I’m a reader. I read in bed constantly trying to prop my pillows just right so I can read comfortably. Oh my goodness, to have a bed that let’s me sit up when I want to be on the laptop (you know, the one I don’t own yet) or to read the pile of books on my nightstand…hello heaven!

So, now I get to start saving for another item I need to add to my home! LOL There’s always something right? This, though I’m in the market for right now!

If you “Like” Sleep Number on Facebook, you can enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win a Queen Sleep Number® m7 memory foam bed set with standard UPS shipping. This sweepstake ends 6/11/12.

*I received a pillow for this review. The opinions shared are my own and never influenced by the company!


Shannon said...

Thanks for sharing. We may be in the market soon and just reading about a cool nights rest sounds amazing!

ConnieFoggles said...

I slept in a Sleep Number bed in a hotel for 2 nights. It was like heaven!

Kelsey Apley said...

That looks so comfy!!!! Makes me wanna run out and buy one!

Unknown said...

I guess I am one of those people that could sleep anywhere.

Kw mccabe said...

That looks so awesome- I need that now!

Melissa Say What? said...

I've got my eye on the i9!! Thanks for sharing your review.

Carolyn M said...

It looks interesting but I'm totally happy with the rock solid bed I have now and the warmth of bodies (dog and human) to go with it. I just change the sheets for the warmth under me. I love your review and it's great to get a new bed! Sleep tight and be sure to jump up and down on that thing with a glass of something on it to make sure it doesn't spill! LOL

Teressa Morris said...

I've always wanted a Sleep Number bed. Thank you for the review!! I'm going to have to go get a demo.

Mama on a Green Mission said...

I have always wanted to try this bed too! It looks perfect for us! Thanks for the great review, I learned a lot about them! :)

Helene said...

Thanks for sharing this. Sounds like a new bed should be my nex investment., (you know, when we're no longer dealing with leeking diapers and the like.):D

Kathleen said...

My husband just bought a new mattress WITHOUT consulting me and without my opinion. It's memory foam but not sleep number. It's nice, but not great and we still get sore and he still overheats. I think a sleep number mattress would have been a WAY better choice but did he ask my opinion? NO....!

Amanda @ Coping with Frugality said...

I have wanted one of these for so long. My husband and I have very different sleeping preferences. We each have our own medical conditions that require a soft mattress for him and a hard one for me... you may have convinced me to go to a sleep number store!!

Danielle @ We Have It All said...

Thank you for this - I had NO IDEA that Sleep Number had all these beds! I thought it was just one bed. I can not believe they can do so much! Hubby has been wanting one of these, we should head over to one of their stores.

Whitney Jordan said...

I love it when sales people provide you with lots of valuable information without being pushy about it! And thanks for sharing about it with us. We'll be in the market for a new bed hopefully sooner rather than later!

brett said...

huh. i thought there was just one sleep number bed too. shows what i know!

i love the cooling feature. i'm always hot hot hot in my sleep!

jelly andrews said...

Wow! That’s really very comfortable. I want to have that too. I’m imagining myself sleeping on that kind of bed. That would be heaven.

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