Thursday, May 10, 2012

VTech Multitasking Phone System

I’m not sure if you’re like me, but if you are, you’re constantly on the phone and sometimes having your hands occupied holding a phone makes life impossible! VTech has a great Multitasking Phone System LS6475-3 that has come in extremely handy!
vtechAs a single mom, I’m constantly doing something and if I’m on the phone, you better believe domestic chores are getting done! So typically I try to do dishes, laundry, cleaning off the table, etc while I’m on the phone. I don’t want to waste any time, you know?
Now that the good weather is here, I love being outside gardening, grilling and playing with my boys. Traditionally I’d have to stop what I was doing if I wanted to talk on the phone. Thankfully the VTech Multitasking Phone System LS6475-3 has a headset that I pop on over my ear and off I go.
vtechWhen I first pulled it out of the box I was like a kid in a candy store! Shiny new tech in the house. I pulled off my old phones and was all fired up to charge the phones. One of the problems I ran into right away is that it doesn’t mound on the wall. I only have one phone jack in my kitchen and that’s where the base always sits. So, as of right now, the phone is sitting on the floor. They need to have a piece that modifies the base to attach to the wall.
On the second day, it was out of the box and fully charged, our first call came in and we all jumped! The phone was talking to us! It told us, loudly, who was calling and what the number was. hahaha We certainly weren’t prepared for that.  Needless to say, it’s been turned off.
vtechI love the look and feel of the phone. It’s sleek and fits well in my hand. It’s SO much slimmer than our other phone! I’ve labeled each phone for what room it should be in. You can expand these up to 12 phones!! That’s something we need with how big this house is. A couple upstairs, a couple downstairs!
I was pretty nervous (still am) about the headset because right now we only have one and I have a feeling we’ll lose it rather easily. I mean, we could misplace a phone for several days, I think we’ll be able to do the same with the headset. The headset is cool in that it’s got two little magnets that snap it securely to the base for charging! It won’t slip off if you accidently bump it or something.
I was quite surprised at how clear the headset came in. I was able to walk around outside without it being crackly or cutting in and out. You can either wear it over your ear or over the head. I prefer over the ear but after switching through the extra pieces, I still had a hard time keeping it in place. If I really want to utilize it, I’ll have to wear it over my head.
vtechThe battery life has been phenomenal. My boys rarely hang the phone up so I find them on the couch, by the computer, on the floor, etc. after sitting there overnight, or longer depending on how long it takes me to realize it’s gone missing! We haven’t missed a call yet.

Thank goodness for that because I have no choice but to have a landline since my cell phone rarely comes in at our house. We live out in the boonies and these phones are a must! My boys probably think they’re a “must” because of the Push-to-Talk feature! All of a sudden they have walkie talkies!

There are many more features that I haven’t even explored yet and are too numerous for me to talk about. The last feature I like is the lighting on the phone and the base. When you use the phones they have a nice blue backlight. The base, when the phone is in use, has a really cool red light where the phone belongs!

Now, all I have to do is purchase a couple more sets to put downstairs so there’s always a phone where we need one!

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“I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of VTech and received a product sample to facilitate my review.”


Unknown said...

Wow. I love these phones! I'd have to veto child use of the headset or it would be lost for sure, but I really like that they have such a long battery life!

Zack said...

That phone looks so cool! Slick design! I am in the market for a home phone soon and will definitely look into this one, thanks for posting clear pics of what it looks like!

Clancy Cash Harrison MS, RD, LDN said...

Great product! I never of it and I am going to check out their site.


Carolyn M said...

Great product, never heard of it but we have three wireless phones in our house so we're all set. I can page John from our AT&T phone and we have sweet ring tones... it's all pretty neat. Yours looks great too! Nice review as always! xxoo

Sabrina B Radke said...

How awesome is this? Seriously cool looking and functional! LOVE it!

brett said...

we need these. badly

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