Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sodura Modern Kids Furniture: Made in America Spotlight

I remember when my kids were little and how much I wanted them to have a sweet chair and table set. Back then it never occurred to me that I should get something not only made in America, but also eco friendly.
SODURASodura takes care of both of those! Their furniture is absolutely stunning and elegant! It’s modern yet not so futuristic that it can't fit any style! Their furniture is very strong and durable.  Most adults can sit on it with no problem!
Sodura furniture

  • Made is USA
  • Eco friendly water based finishes - (We are really excited about the new finishes that we are using that are made from whey - here is some more info about that)
  • No formaldehyde glues
  • Easy to assemble
  • Bright new colors available soon
  • Solid wood construction sodura stoolAbout Sodura:
    Their furniture is made in Louisville, KY, USA. The company was created in 2011 so they’re pretty new! Some of what they create is done by hand!! Amazing in this day and age! They do use CNC routers and computer controlled machines, but they’re set up in a way that allows them to do quick changes to meet customer needs!
    “We use eco-friendly products in all of our furniture, so you won’t find any lead based paint in our product. We use all water-based finishes, so they are low in VOC’s, non-flammable and non-toxic. Our wood is formaldehyde free and so is our glue, which means there won’t be any harmful fumes coming from our product over time.”
    sodura chairOne of my favorite aspects about Sodura is that they’ll custom make your furniture! Want a special color or a certain size? They can do that in about 4-6 weeks!
    Now my lovely followers, when it comes time for our Made in America event, Sodura is going to be giving away a table and stool!! Be sure to follow them ahead of time:
    *I have not been compensated or given any product for this review. The opinions expressed are from visiting their website and learning about their company.

    Camille @ Growing Up Gabel said...

    Nice stuff! Reminds me of a certain Swedish made company, but it looks much more durable! I wish my kids were small again to need this! :-)

    fancygrlnancy said...

    NICE!!! I will be entering.

    Unknown said...

    How cute is that?! I could use one of these for Shane so I'll totally be entering!

    Unknown said...

    I like it, very practical clean looking.

    Kim Justice said...

    Nice!! Love the clean natural look. Thanks for sharing.

    Unknown said...

    I love the look of their products

    Unknown said...

    I love the look of their products!!

    Unknown said...

    This is NICE!!!!!

    Allyson Bossie said...

    I love handcrafted furniture! This was an excellent write up, thanks for sharing this company!

    Stephanie H. said...

    these are totally cute and I could turn them into a chalk board for my friends children that come over

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