Saturday, March 2, 2013

Some Of My Favorite Quotes #31DayMarch

31 Day Challenge

Today’s blog challenge is to share favorite quotes. Now, I could easily do page after page of scriptures, but I opted not to this time. These are a few of my favorite every day quotes and apparently I like Albert Einstein! lol

A man can love a woman

I claim this for my boys. I want them to be men of character and value!

Man of success

This is in my email signature

Everybody is a genius

I absolutely love C.S. Lewis. Mere Christianity is filled with so much wisdom!

CS Lewis

What are some of your favorite quotes?


Cristy S said...

Love C.S Lewis. He was a man of meaningful words.

Tiffany C. said...

I Love C.S. Lewis. Thanks for sharing such great quotes.

Paula said...

Can't beat Einstein for good quotes. Thanks for coming to visit me!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

great collection. I love the first one.

One of my favorites is, "There is this boy who stole my heart; he calls me Mama."

Shannon said...

I absolutely love your quotes!! I think I may have to jot those down and share later.

Unknown said...

LOVE the Einstein quote!

Anonymous said...

Have always loved the "everybody is a genius..." quote! A reminder we all need at times!

Unknown said...

I have to say I think I would have liked to have met Einstein. He seems like my kinda person.

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