Friday, March 22, 2013

Transformers: Beast Hunters Give Away

To say that my boys love Transformers would be an understatement. I can’t even tell you how many times we’ve watched those movies! When I saw that Hasbro was starting a new line, I knew that the boys would be interested.


Of course, as soon as my 9yo got his Predaking out of the box, the first thing he figured out to do was shoot the hydrafire blasters. lol Boys will be boys, right?


Something I found very interesting with the directions was there are only pictures! Each step is detailed and highlighted as to what should move next to transform your Transformer.


Interestingly enough, we had to call in my older son because there were a few steps that my younger son just didn’t understand. Well, he just wasn’t sure how to move part of the Transformer. I love getting my older son to help his little brother out!


I had to run out for the day and asked them to keep plugging along at it! They help me out with so many reviews, they even took a picture of the end result for me! My boys rock! And I didn’t even know it until I started putting my review together! lol


I actually liked that it challenged my younger son. So many toys are so easy for him to figure out, he gets bored rather easily. With this Predaking, he can undo it and redo it getting better each time!

Here’s you chance to win a Transformers: Beast Hunter!

*I received this product for review. The opinions expressed are our own.

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Ashley N said...

My son says he likes the Autobots more, but I have a feeling he likes them both the same lol


kellyr78 said...

My son likes Autobots

latanya t said...


d schmidt said...

My son adores both but I think I would say Autobots!

(d schmidt in widget)

ken ohl said...

Autobots for sure. thankyou, Ken

sdavis said...

like autobots more

Jubilee Reviews said...

My 5 year old says autobots

Anonymous said...

my boys love the Autobots wilcarvic

~The Bargain Babe from *Zucchini Summer Blog* said...

I'm not sure...probably autobots. Thanks for the chance to win.

Unknown said...

My son likes Autobots!

alienxphile said...


Trista Anderson said...

my boys like autobots

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