Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Going Back to Aeropastle #PSMoms

My girls are now in their 20s and they’ve been wearing Aeropastle for about 7-8yrs if not longer! Both of my girls, especially my oldest, had the HARDEST time finding clothing that fit them. She was a 0/1 for the longest time! One of the only places we could find with jeans their size was Aero.


Well, now I have Fred’s daughter who I can go shopping with for girl clothes and that makes me ecstatic! It’s so much more fun to shop with a girl than a boy. Yes, taking my boys clothing shopping is way different than shopping with girls.

Last month I saw that Aero was connecting with moms and I was so excited! Now obviously, K-girl isn’t my daughter, but she’s a girl that likes to go shopping.


I love the styles that P.S. Aero has because they are age appropriate and adorable clothes that make moms and kids happy. K-girl was pretty excited when I showed her some of the new line for summer! The purple shorts were such a vibrant color and fit her perfectly! The shirt was a light, airy shirt that would be fantastic with various colored tank tops!

We hadn’t shopped together yet so ordering online, they ended up being the right size! The shirt fit perfectly and was so cute on her. With the hot and humid here in VA/MD a light shirt like this is exactly what’s in order!


I also love that there are really fashionable clothes for boys, too! My boys are getting to the age where they’re caring about how they look and the clothes they wear.

Can’t wait to see what else we can come up with for the summer!

*I received these clothes for review. The opinions are definitely my own. Who’s else would they be?


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