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Medieval Times: An Adventure in Baltimore, MD #ad


Last year I heard numerous people talking about Medieval Times. I’d heard about it and saw pictures, but really had no clue what it was about. I mean, I knew you saw knights and had a “feast”, but other than that, I was oblivious. My sister-in-law had been to the one in Chicago and loved it. An 8 hour drive to that on was the closest location for us.


Then we moved to VA! Got us to within 3 hours of the Medieval Times for Baltimore/Washington, D.C. I thought this would be a fun way to drive up to Baltimore and check out the area for the first time as well. So, I contacted Medieval Times and asked if they would work with me! They were absolutely fantastic to partner with! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see much of the area, because our drive was two hours and it was another hour up to Baltimore after we met up with Fred and his kids.


We got to the mall and the first thing we see is the huge castle! I was shocked that it was going to be at a mall. I thought it would be in a castle on it’s own plot of land. I found this intriguing. We got there with enough time to spare to walk around the mall and then check out the gift section of the castle. The boys and I got a magnet for our fridge.


We were seated in the blue section, which meant we were to cheer for the blue knight. At first we were seated in the wrong section and then the seats we got weren’t the right seats, but then it sounded like we had the right seats and the other people who had been sitting in our seats got different ones. It was a little confusing, but it all worked out, thankfully! =) We met our server and I have to tell you, he was awesome and hysterical. Every time the crowd would cheer he would act like it was for him! He’d bow or put his hands in the air, thank the crowd, etc! He actually added to the show!


Now, I did go as a blogger and I took a ton of pictures, so I feel like I’ll have to go back again just to take in the entire scope of the show without a camera in my face. I mean, part of me was the blogger, the other part was the person who didn’t want to lose a second of what was happening so I had to take photos! lol


As the show was happening and the food was being served, I kept watching the kids. I wasn’t sure how my boys would feel about the show. Would they be bored, unimpressed, or who knows what. They were watching pretty closely, but nothing to give away what was going through their minds.

Medieval Times Kids

I was enthralled. I have always had a deep love for horses and grew up reading about knights in shining armor. This was sheer bliss for me. Watching the knights compete and the horses perform, I was honestly in heaven. There was one point when a gal came out with a hawk and it was such a beautiful display of majesty, I actually welled up with tears. I’m telling you, I was meant to have lived in that time period.


The ending battle was well fought. Our blue knight didn’t win, but I believe green did. Works for me since green is my favorite color, but I definitely wondered how they decide who will win each week. Do they flip a coin, go in a pattern, who knows, but these are the kinds of things I think about.


The dinner was absolutely filling! It was delicious and it was THE first time Buddy and I have found a place to eat out at that served Pepsi! As soon as we heard what was offered we looked at each other with extremely pleased faces! I asked the boys to try each of everything, including the soup, and they did.


I was absolutely excited when we were leaving and Buddy, yes, my 13 yr old asked if we could go back and watch the show again. Listen, this is my oldest son who doesn’t get excited about anything or ever ask to go back to anything more than once unless it’s Iron Man 3! This was the highest praise one could expect from my son! The kids all enjoyed themselves.

Knight in Shining Armor

Unfortunately, Fred has allergies and he was a complete mess with the show and the horses! I felt horrible knowing he went to be with everyone and was hit hard with his allergies. Now, to be fair, he knows he’s allergic and should’ve taken his allergy meds ahead of time! I know next time it’ll just be me and the kids because I can’t watch him suffer like that again! lol

Medieval Times Pepsi

After the show was over, the kids took a photo with our server, who really made our meal and show enjoyable.


If you ever have guests in town or are looking to have an amazing experience, I would highly suggest enjoying a show at Medieval Times! I can absolutely guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed!


MMAR said...

Looks like a fun time... I have always wanted to go. We have one in North Texas.

~The Bargain Babe from *Zucchini Summer Blog* said...

We've never been but hope to take the kids, it looks great!

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