Friday, October 11, 2013

B'More Media Moms Downtown Baltimore Crawl

We’ve now been in Maryland for just over a month. I think the boys have adjusted pretty well in their schools. I’m working on making friendships and connecting with local bloggers. We haven’t been able to do much exploring yet so I don’t know much of my surroundings. I was so excited to kill two birds with one stone.

Port Discover

Heather from (cool) progeny had set up an opportunity for mom bloggers to get together and do a Baltimore Crawl. We were going to be learning about family friendly spots in Baltimore. I was pretty excited about that since I’d only been to Baltimore once and knew nothing about it. I have to say, I was pretty impressed with what the city has in such close proximity for families!

National Aquarium

We all started off at the Port Discovery Children’s Museum. We’ve always loved children’s museums and I have to admit, I’m sad my kids have all outgrown it. There was a gal who took us around to various areas and I have to say, if I had met her when I was a little girl, I would’ve been fascinated and probably followed her everywhere. You could tell she had such a passion for children and their learning and enjoyment.

Coast Guard

USS Torsk

I really liked that this Children’s Museum was embracing new technology. I’m sure it’s not easy trying to stay current with how our kids are changing. If my boys were still little, they would absolutely love everything it has to offer. While we were watching some of the moms try out the activities I had the chance to chat with Lara (said like Lara Croft). I was so happy to get to chat with new ladies!


From there we walked to the National Aquarium. I had no clue where we were going or how far we had to walk. lol I hadn’t worn walking shoes. I had somewhat dressed up. I’ll know better next time. =)


I was absolutely hypnotized by the aquarium. I immediately texted Fred and told him we absolutely had to go back and we had only seen the Black Tip Reef Exhibit. Thankfully we got to spend a lot of time there and take in all of the creatures swimming around. We then headed to the lower level to get a different perspective of the Reef. It was just a spectacular place to be and I knew that the boys would absolutely love going there!


After we left the aquarium, we walked along the water and headed over to Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Of course like all kids, my boys are fascinated by Ripley’s. It was such a fun, interesting, and bizarre place to visit. I had no idea that every single item in any of these places are absolutely authentic! At first, when we got there, I was thinking, “Oh, those are cute replicas”, so when we went back through there was more awe from me for the crowns and swords.

Big Ship

We had the opportunity to try the Moving Theater 4D. That was a crazy experience. Again, my boys would probably get in there and not come out for a couple of hours. lol It was a very dizzying experience, but it was a blast! I was sitting next to Fadra and she assured me if she was going to get sick, she’d go the opposite way of me! lol Considering the fact we’d just met a few minutes earlier, I appreciated that.


Princess tiara

Lara and a couple of other ladies walked back to our starting place and we all started heading home. My poor sweet Fred…he had to deal with a somewhat crazy person on the phone. I had changed my gps to “walking” and it kept showing me it was going to take me 13 hrs to get home. lol I was crying and he was trying to frantically trying to get me directions. Thankfully he has a store in that area and aside from my freak out, he…as always…stayed calm and never once got upset or frustrated with me.


Pop tart foil trex

I am really, REALLY excited to take the family up there and spend more time exploring each place.

*I wasn’t asked to write a blog post, but was given a swag bag from the businesses we visited.


Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

MD is where I exchange my children with their father. This is helpful... perhaps we'll make a weekend out of it one time!

Alyssa Collazo said...

I've never been to Maryland but it looks incredible! Thanks for sharing

mystylespot said...

This place looks great! loved all the pics!

Shanna said...

I went to Ripley's once. I love it!

Lexie Lane said...

Wow! There are so many things going on here! I love that turtle best! Love all the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a blast, and the pics to prove it. Nice!!!

Thanks for sharing. :)


Unknown said...

That's great. Next time you come, you should visit the Science Center too. It's very close to Ripley's, and it has stuff for all ages.

Oh, and the zoo is great too--it's a little to the north.

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