Sunday, October 6, 2013

My New Keurig From Staples! #sp

When I moved from Minnesota, I left my Keurig behind with my daughter. I knew my dad had one, but it was still a hard thing for me to let go. My mom gave it to me for my birthday. I was pretty happy knowing I wouldn’t be without my coffee fix.
This past spring, I knew that the boys and I would be moving to Maryland and that meant…no Keurig. I need my coffee to start my work day. C’mon people, how else am I supposed to make it from my bed to my couch without a cup o’ joe to start the day?! It’s a tough world.
So, one of my new go-to places has become Staples. Before we always had such a long drive to get to ours, but by my mom’s we had one not too far away and that’s actually where we got a lot of our back-to-school supplies as well as our new printer. That was as pretty slick purchase as well.
What I had no clue about was that they carry Keurig’s as well. I told my dad about that and you will not believe what he did. He felt that his new one was too old (3 yrs old) and he needed a new one. Yes, and this is even knowing I was having a new one sent.
Then it got to him asking me about all of it’s functionality, price and had I seen the mini ones because one of his co-workers has one in her office and it’s “COLORED”. hahahaha
What I needed to be thoughtful about was knowing that my coffeemaker would probably start to be used for more than just me. I’m hoping that we’ll have people over and that means we’ll need a Keurig that’s good for just me to use. The OfficePRO is for small offices, and that suits me perfectly!
So, my OfficePRO came with a box sample of various K-Cups to sample and I also got some Peach iced tea as well. I guess being in the south, tea is a pretty popular here. I’m still not a fan, but maybe it’ll grow on me?
My Keurig is just as awesome as my old one! I didn’t have the option of Descaling my other Keurig and honestly, I can’t remember there being a drain option. I never descaled my other Keurig and had no idea I should. I’m thinking that since I have well water, I’ll need to do it ever 6 months. I love that this one has a sensor letting me know when it needs to be done! I also like that there’s a brew/drain selector on the back so it can be transported without water leaking out. Trust me, if I know I won’t be able to have my coffee, I WILL be taking my coffee maker with me!
Now, I have to tell you, this one isn’t the quietest Keurig around. lol In fact, the first time I used it, to prime it, I think it shook my entire house and sakes alive it was loud! Maybe it was just the initial use because it’s gotten much better since that first time.
Other than that, I have absolutely fallen in love with my new Keurig. If you’re like me, you might not have realized that Staples carries these for small businesses! Staples has become my go-to store for my home office needs as well as every day school supplies for my boys.
*This is a sponsored post. I received the products for review, but the opinions expressed are completely my own.


Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Staples and Keurig... not products I'd think go hand in hand, but it makes sense now that you've pointed it out. I have a 1-cup Keurig, but I tend to use my Grind and Brew more.

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

I have this one and I LOVE IT! It's been awesome for my husband to be able to get a quick travel coffee size to go in the mornings as he runs out the door, and for me to have when I get up. It's been perfect when we have company and everyone wants different drinks. We are loving the brew over ice drinks (we LOVE that tea, lol) as well as the hot drinks too. So glad you get to experience this awesome Keurig too! :)

Trista Anderson said...

I would love one of these if I could get only flavored hot chocolates for it instead of coffee :-)

Amy said...

I would have never thought to look for a Keurig at a staples!

Anonymous said...

OH! We've had 2 Keurig's but not this one yet... now I want THIS one!

cbusch said...

I just got a replacemetn Keurig from Herberger's and it is still in the box. This makes me want to go get my out today and use it!

Sofia said...

My mother in law has one of these and she loves it!! :D I have never tried using one, hehehe!

Jamie L. said...

Love my Keurig! Such a great coffee maker and no more pots of coffee going to waste!

Six in the Nest said...

I've never used a Kurig, I probably should check check it out since everyone thinks they ROCK. I'm partial to my BUNN- but we waste a lot of coffee.

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