Monday, November 25, 2013

FROZEN For The Holidays #FrozenFun #shop

SoFab FROZEN Disclosure
This week, two things are happening that I can barely contain myself about. First, we’ll be getting together with cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and a grandma. Second, we’re all going to do the traditional Thanksgiving outing and we’re going to see FROZEN the movie!
Disney's Frozen[8]
We haven’t done a large multi-family Thanksgiving in years. We used to go to Chicago every year for Thanksgiving and then every other year we would go there for Christmas. Now that we’re in Maryland we are close enough to spend any holiday with either my parents and brothers or heading down to the boys’ aunt & uncle in Virginia!

We found out at the beginning of fall that two families were coming to Virginia for Thanksgiving and that’s when the snowball effect happened. One aunt asked to fly my oldest daughter out, we decided if she was coming, we were heading down, plans were made to see FROZEN, and we were going to exchange Christmas presents!
Castle & Ice Palace[5]
I figured since I have 4 nieces under 8 getting them something with Elsa or Anna would be perfect timing with the movie coming out on November 27th. I had the boys go shopping with me because they don’t have a lot of opportunity to shop for holiday gifts. When we got to Walmart, I remembered WHY they don’t go shopping with me a lot. *insert eye roll* They drove me crazy; who got to push the cart, one needed a drink, when will they eat dinner, etc.
Olaf & Anna[6]
Now, they might drive me crazy, but, my boys are extremely good in stores. They’re older, at 14 and 10 and will look at toys, but not misbehave with them. Well, while I was deciding for sure which FROZEN toys to get, they went into the next aisle to look at LEGOs. A lady who worked at Walmart started talking very rudely to them about how she’s not going to have kids messing up her aisles and taking toys all over the place. I had to go to the aisle to see if she was indeed talking to my boys and if so, what were they doing to get that kind of talk.

As I went around the corner, my youngest was holding a box of LEGOs and my older son was standing behind him. I explained to her that they’re my children, and my kids don’t behave that way in a store. I was extremely offended by her speaking to my boys how she did when they hadn’t even done anything aside from stand and look at a box of LEGOs. It’s a shame when adults expect kids to behave poorly just for the fact they’re kids. Anywho, that’s a soapbox for a different day.
FROZEN gifts for nieces[6]
There were some really cute toys, but I was hoping to get 4 similar gifts so the girls could all play together. I had hoped to get 4 dolls, but they only had 3 at the max of anything. The gal who had spoken to my children explained to me that they’d had a crazy day of people buying up FROZEN toys and were pretty much bare bones!

We’d had the toys we wanted and decided it was time for us to move to the grocery department because it had been a long stinkin’ day for us and we were almost an hour away from home.
FROZEN out November 27th[6]
Since we got home so late, we decided to wrap the girls’ gifts after church on Sunday. We’ve got a lot of kids to give gifts to and since this is a busy work week as well as a holiday week, I need to make sure we got as much ready to go for our road trip as possible.

My boys are still honing their skills with present wrapping. And yes, we found FROZEN wrapping paper, too! It’s so much fun for them to cut and tape! lol Their gifts might not come out looking the greatest, but no one cares about that! They’ve moved from just taping to doing it all themselves. =)
Wrapping for their cousins[6]
We’re pretty excited to see everyone in just a few days and to have some great family time!

Do you celebrate Christmas early with family on Thanksgiving?


KV H said...

I can't wait to see Frozen. We celebrate between Thanksgiving & Christmas when time permits.

Unknown said...

No we do not celebrate Christmas on Thanksgiving. But it sounds like a great Idea, it sure would take some of the rush out of trying to visit every family member in 2days.I think my husband and I could relax and maybe enjoy then. I hope I find as many FROZEN items as you my nieces love it.

Anonymous said...

Wow! They made a lot of toys for the franchise. I'm still waiting to see the movie.

cman said...

No, the tree usually gets put up after Thanksgiving.

Terra Heck said...

I watched Frozen the night it came out with my 19 yoa daughter. It was good. Olaf was my fave.

Sara @ Mom Endeavors said...

For the store supposedly being picked over, you sure found some fun stuff. I bet your nieces loved it! I'm on the hunt now for some of that FROZEN wrapping paper too! :) #client

GeorgiaBeckman said...

We do not currently celebrate Christmas early on Thanksgiving, but the thought has crossed my mind several times. We go to my father in law's for Thanksgiving & then we're not back for Christmas. So I think we'll start doing that. We have not seen FROZEN yet. It was sold out on opening day so they opted for the other movie at the top of their list: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Can't wait to see Frozen!

janetfaye said...

We wait to start celebrating the week before Christmas. We have our holiday dinner on Christmas Eve.

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

Courtney said...

We all gather at my parents house. this year we have new babies to hold while we celebrate!

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