Thursday, November 7, 2013

World Vision Giving Back : Holiday Giveaway

World Vision Disclosure
Last year was the first year my boys and I have ever used World Vision to give a gift at Christmas time. If I remember correctly, we purchased a sheep in my 2nd daughter’s name and that was one of her Christmas presents. It was a gift we knew would be meaningful to her and a chance for us to do something good.
This year, the boys and I received the catalog again and we’ve started going through it to figure out what they’re going to get in their sister’s name again. I told them they could spend up to $50, but they had to agree on what they were going to choose. Here is what they’re deciding between:
$500 worth of medicine for $50
Clean water fund $50
$500 worth of school supplies for $50
$250 worth of food for $50
$500 worth of new clothing for $50
World Vision Catalog
There were a lot more options, but those are ones I thought would be the best for them to choose from. I was also very excited to see that there’s an option of giving soccer balls to schools. That’s something Fred’s kids would be very interested in since they’re so involved in the sport. He usually gives them something like a goat or a pig for each member of his family. Isn’t he awesome?!

Now, if you haven’t heard of World Vision, you’re missing out on a very tangible way to help others, not just at Christmas time, but throughout the year. Here’s a snippet from their About page:
We are a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the root causes of poverty and injustice.
If you’re interested in giving this year, here are some motivational ideas for you:

  • Organize a family giving night and have kids select charitable gifts from an organization such as the World Vision Gift Catalog. Talk with your children about how giving back changes lives of children and families living in poverty and that their efforts truly make a difference.
  • Host a house party for friends and family and ask your guests to contribute to a share of a group gift such as a farm animal, winter clothing or school supplies to families in need, or even a water well. Make the selection of the item, how to raise funds for that gift, and the collection of the money a collaborative, group effort.
  • After Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday shopping, consider celebrating Giving Tuesday (12/3) and make meaningful, life-changing gift purchases such as medicine, mosquito nets or a fish pond.
  • Be active in your giving -- volunteer at your local homeless shelter or senior living center; cook a meal or bake cookies for an elderly family member or neighbor.
I’ve been blessed to work with World Vision the last few years at Christmas time and this year, I was sent the Colors of Africa Bracelet & Earrings set. World Vision has what they call the Maximum Impact Fund. That Fund puts money where it’s needed most!
World Vision Bracelet & Earrings[5]
You have a choice when you give to the Maximum Impact Fund. You can choose to receive a free gift with certain levels of giving or you can forgo the gift to maximize your donation and not receive the gift. It certainly wasn’t easy choosing which item to receive. It was a toss up between the bracelet and earrings and the Hand-woven Headband. I wish my boys were younger because I would love the Gertie the Plush Goat. It just represents World Vision so much!
World Vision Give a Gift[5]
Colors of Africa World Vision[5]
My bracelet did come very big and I’ll probably take a link out, but I have a crazy, tiny wrist. lol It’s absolutely beautiful though and a constant reminder of why I’m wearing it!

My boys have decided that we’re going to give medicine in my daughter’s name and Fred saw the soccer balls the other night and was excited to get them in his kids names this year!

Now you have the chance to win the bracelet and earrings thanks to World Vision!
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Amo said...

I would love to give the $350 in medicine or the goat and 2 chickens.

jbmthill said...

I would like to give the gift of water and sanitation

Unknown said...

I would give the gift of 5 ducks

sdavis said...

would like to give Bed Nets for a Family

Tami Vollenweider said...

I like the Silver Vines Cuff

Tami Vollenweider said...

I would Give also 5 Fruit Trees

Unknown said...

I would like to give Career Training for Girls and Women.

Unknown said...

i love the silver vines cuffs!

Valerie Ledesma said...

500 dollars worth of clothing for 50 dollars

Linda Szymoniak said...

I'd like to give the Life-Saving Medicines and Supplies $60

Kristen said...

I'd like to give the silver cuff bracelet.

Unknown said...

It's hard to pick Just one - but I would give the gift of water and sanitation.

pmj said...

The gift of water and sanitation a nd a couple chickens and a goat.

Kassie said...

I would love to give $350 Worth of Medicines.

Daily Woman (Lacey) said...

Clean Water.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to sponsor a child! Isn't that one of the best gifts of all? I love World Vision, they're truly an extraordinary organization.

lisagee1234 said...

Thai Bracelet and Necklace (Turquoise) --beautiful :o)

April Yedinak said...

I would like to give the gift of 2 ducks and a goat.

april yedinak

Bo said...

I would love to give the Share of a Beehive!

janetfaye said...

I would like to give a goat.

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

Melinda said...

I would love to give a goat. I kind of wish I had a goat too.

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