Monday, March 10, 2014

My Boss’s “Gift” For Delivering The News

So, I’ve got this boss…let’s call her Sandy Jenney. She has an interesting way of delivering news to her team…well, me at least. Let me share a couple of my experiences.

Last year, I got on a call at the end of my contract. She and my other boss, Alicia, were ready to do my review and see about renewing my contract. I wasn’t too worried about renewing, but you know, it’s a contract. At any point they can say, “Contract’s over.”

They start talking about getting a raise! Oooooo How about that. Sandy, straight faced tells me we’re going to give you .50 (made up amount) and I was like, “Ok, sounds good.” I wasn’t really expecting anything. The next minute she says, “Just kidding we’re giving you $20(totally made up amount).” I was like, “Are you KIDDING me?”

Flash forward to the beginning of this year. I see a lot of things going on with our company. Collective Bias is doing really awesome! I was thinking, I would reeeeally love to be an employee. So, I inquired about what might be a possibility. Meanwhile, my team is growing, we’re very fluid, getting so much done! We really were rocking it!

There we changes happening above our team and I have to say, it made me a little nervous. I wasn’t exactly sure what was happening. I mean, I was ok, my job was just fine, just people above me were shifting. All was good…right? RIGHT?!

Well, a couple of weeks ago, our team was called into a meeting all of a sudden. I think we were all unsure what was going on. We get into the meeting and listen to what’s up. Turned out there we changes going on…with out team!! What the…? Here’s the message Sandy delivered (not verbatim), “So, you know there have been some changes happening and we’re here to let you know that your team will be no longer at the end of the month.” Ho-ly CRAP! Ummmmm

Oh, yea, I forgot for a second, this is SANDY delivering the news. I’m going to catch on one of these days. She continues to say, “That’s why Collective Bias wants to hire you as employees!” Are you KIDDING me?! If we had been in the same room I probably would’ve wrestled her to the ground. hahahahahaha

Needless to say, my boss has quite the gift for delivering the news. Maybe one day the shoe will be on the other foot and I’ll be able to deliver HER good news. HA!


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