Friday, March 14, 2014

Playing SCRABBLE With The Boys #sp #Giveaway

Scrabble Disclosure
With the boredom of winter filtering through our home, we have been playing a bunch of board games. We’ve actually had to replenish our supply with all new games. When we were packing to move, we went through a lot of our games and Scrabble was missing a ton of letters. That and several other games didn’t come with us.
Game Night[6]
My youngest loves to spell whereas my oldest son really hates it. If you remember my recent post about spelling, you know how I think it’s an important skill and Scrabble definitely reinforces it! We are, however, far from being pros and our words tend to be 4 letters or shorter. That’s ok, we’re beginners.
Triple Word Score[5]
With TWO more snow days this week, giving us yet another 4 day weekend, we got a great game of Scrabble in. We pulled up the dictionary online and had that at the ready. I had a feeling the boys were going to try and get some “words” put together just to see if they would work. Yea, it was a nice effort. HA!

The game went pretty well until Buddy started gettig some pretty bad letters. I tried not to do many big words, but I got the crazy letters like Z and X, which when I used them were on a colored tile and gave me extra points. He on the other hand had to keep putting letters back and exchanging them (poor kid). I’m actually hoping this will strengthen his spelling skills.

We got through almost ever Scrabble tile and the boys did a great job! We’ve had fun figuring out if words are “real” and spelled correctly! Hey, it’s a learning game as much as it’s been a fun game!
Now,  your kids can join in the fun: Teams (between grades 4-8) from the USA and Canada are invited to participate in the multi-day event that includes 8 rounds of competition and fun on-site events. School Scrabble Tournament registration is open. It happens April 26-27 so start forming those teams now!

Here’s your chance to win the game! Woo Hoo! a Rafflecopter giveaway


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