Friday, June 13, 2014

Being a Proverbs 31 Woman Verse 14

Becoming a wife and a mom doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Some women are skilled in the home, specifically the kitchen, others can muster up a recipe or two, and yet others burn water. I would have to say I’m in the middle. I can cook, but I’m no chef. If I have a recipe, I’m good to go.

My dad likes what he calls, Mama Mimi’s Lasagna. It’s lasagna, plain and simple. Nothing to write home about, but for my dad to give my food a name, that’s saying something! He also mentioned recently that never in his wildest dreams did he ever see me as Susie Homemaker. lol He said it with the sound of being impressed.

I like being home. I loved being a stay at home mom. I do enjoy cooking meals when I have the opportunity. My boys and I are super simple when it comes to dinner and I’m usually not sure what we’re going to eat up until the moment I’m making it.

Today, our verse takes us on a ship to far off lands…just for food!

Proverbs 3114[4]

Now granted, we can get into our SUV, Crossover, or Minivan and run to the grocery store or farmers market to get the food we need at any time of day. Back in the day, not so much. Can you imagine “grocery shopping” in biblical times? Nothing close to what we have now.

Regardless of how we get our food or what time of day it is, does our food, our meals bless our families? Does it nourish them? I’ll be the first to raise my hand and say that mac & cheese or hot dogs and fries are a staple on our fine dining menu at our house.

I know not every woman has the skill for cooking, but, where is your heart? Is your husband the cook? Let me tell you what, Fred…he’s amazing! That man can grill pretty much anything! He can also make delicious stuffed shells and his asparagus is to die for. Last night he made a fantastic lasagna. No, I’m not ready to call it Papa Fred’s Lasagna! pffffftht

If your husband’s the cook, do you get the groceries? If he makes a list of what he wants and needs, will you go out and get them? You don’t know which brand to get, which size, or how much? Ask. Have him go with you a few times so you can write down the brands. Maybe there are some products he’s fine getting a store brand whereas with others he likes a specific brand.

Maybe throwing together a 4 course meal isn’t your cup of tea. What about baking? I love to bake and I’m not half bad at it. I don’t get the opportunity to do much of it because the boys and I always have so much left over.

Take some cooking classes! There are so many ways to do that: community education, local colleges, William Sonoma, and so on. You can even take them as a couple. Hello date night! There are so many ways to learn!

If you have a desire by bringing them food, whether you’re on some merchant ship or the groceries are in the trunk of your vehicle, then follow through. Find a way to bless them. Do they have special treats that you can surprise them with on occasion? There are various ways you can bless your family in this area. Take some time to think about how you can do that.

If you could learn to make one meal, what would it be?


Lynne said...

Cooking/baking/supplying meals is definitely a way to bless your family. For me, it is all about the attitude I have - trying to not be exasperated when I have to come up with a dinner idea, but to be grateful that I have stuff in the pantry and freezer I can put together. These last few years, my husband has taken over and done most of the cooking - he loves to cook - I do it because we need to eat....ha. I enjoy baking much more. Have a good week!

Unknown said...

I love to cook and bake. I just wish I knew some new and easy recipes.

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