Saturday, July 5, 2014

Messing Up My Blog In Epic Fashion

So, the other day, Fred and I were looking through my photos in Google+ and I saw that I had duplicates of hundreds of photos. I thought that was just dumb to have 2 of every photo. I mean, what’s the point, right?

So, I think I deleted about 1500 photos. Pretty nice amount, right? Feeling pretty dang accomplished.

And THEN…I visited my newly fixed blog to find an older blog post and guess what?


Yes, in all of my brilliance of cleaning up duplicates, I inadvertently deleted all of the photos on my blog…to at least a year ago! So, this is what all of my blog posts for at least, at a minimum, the past year look like:

No pics

See all of those circles? Those are supposed to be photos!!! GAH!

Do you have ANY clue how long it’s going to take me to fix all of these broken photos? It will literally take me days to fix them. I may have to employ my boys and pay them to help me because Google is going to dock me for having broken images in my blog posts!

WHY does Google+ grab two of the same photos in the FIRST place? Really, I hate Google+. It was grabbing photos from my phone that I never wanted on there! They weren’t visible to the public, but they were online nevertheless.

So, I’ll be spending the weekend trying to fix every single blog post over the past year that I screwed up. If anyone has a violin, feel free to pull it out and play it for me as I cry over this spilt milk.


HBrummett said...

NOOOOOOO!!!! Oh what a nightmare! So sorry!!

Unknown said...

Hmmm - I was going to delete all the duplicate photos on my blog - thanks for the warning. Sorry you're going through this mess. And yes, isn't it annoying when the computer people think they know what we want - they never ask - they just do stuff

mryjhnsn said...

It also happens when you go from public to private and back again :(

Unknown said...

Oh no! That sucks. That's why I'm always afraid to delete ANYTHING!

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