Thursday, July 31, 2014

We’re Missing Our Minnesota Twins

I would have to say one of my goals is to raise baseball fanatics. I was given a challenge by the Fanatics website to talk about our love and experience with baseball. It will be extremely had to narrow that down.

What do I talk about?

Do I talk about how one year I decided it would be a fun birthday present for my oldest son to go to a baseball game? We went on one of the Promotion games. He and his friend each got wooden baseball bats. That set us up for going to a minimum of one game every year. We always…ALWAYS went to the promotion game. We switched from baseball bats to jerseys.

Do I talk about the year that I won tickets to the new Target Field and we had seats that were about 5 rows up from the field behind 1st base? Best seats EVER! It’s the same game where I videotaped him singing along with Journey:

Do I talk about our last game that we went to two years ago? Well, as a family, at least? We were one row down from the top wall. lol I have to admit, I MAY have had a panic attack. hahahaha I don’t remember who the Twins played, but I’m pretty sure we lost. Our Minnesota teams may not be the best, but they have very loyal fans.
Twins flags
Now, our biggest baseball challenge may come at the end of August. I’m planning on taking the boys to a Twins vs Orioles game in Baltimore. I keep seeing my oldest daughter going to games at Target Field, and we’re jealous.

Hello, the All Star game was played at Target Field this year! It was there and we were here! Just about killed me to miss that! The last time it was played in Minneapolis it was at the Metrodome in 1985. I didn’t know about the Twins back then and didn’t care about them. Now, my kids and I know and love our Twins!

Who’s your favorite baseball team? Would you say you’re a fanatic?


Trista Anderson said...

I love baseball and so do my boys and they also love playing it :) I think it is one of the few decent sports left

Anonymous said...

This was fun to read, I love your video! My hubby loves that song and will get all hyper and crazy rocking out to it just to be a fool haha. Well, good luck with your next game! We're all Cubs fans except Mike who is a Sox fan so we like going to Cubs/Sox games when they play at the Sox stadium. We're total outsiders, it's great.

Unknown said...

Go Colorado ROCKIES!!! We don't get to many games, but I have fond memories of my gramps watching several baseball games at the same time (he had more than one tv!).

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