Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Family That Plays Together

Are you a gamer? No, not THAT kind of gamer. I mean board games. We love board games. Ever since my kids were little we’d play board games as time would allow. As they grew up, we went from playing Hi Ho Cherrie-O to more complicated games. The transition was a fun one.

We don’t only do board games, the boys have a love for Chicken Feet which they learned from their great grandma. Pull out some Dominoes and it’s game on!

When we moved to Virginia to live with my parents, playing card games became the norm. Almost every weekend you’d hear my boys asking grandma and grandpa if we were going to get to play cards. If the extended family came over, you better believe at least one game was on the agenda.
My brothers introduced the boys to some board games that I don’t even remember the name to. So you HAVE got to believe that if the brothers are around, my boys will badger them until they give in. My boys have grown up to be big gamers.
When we lived in Minnesota (how often do I say that?) my youngest was in AWANA. He has the gift of memorization and remembers so much from the Bible. I had thought about entering him into some competitions, but we left before I had the opportunity. Then earlier this year I saw that the American Bible Challenge was on tv. I was SO bummed that it wasn’t on a channel we got with our provider. Yes, I was a sad panda.

A new game night came along for us when we were able to review The American Bible Challenge board game. Oh my gosh, you think you know things in the Bible until you realize you DON’T! There were questions about where you find a scripture in the Bible, who said something from scripture, putting 5 books of the Bible in order, and spelling words from the Bible.
We weren’t sure if it was going to be a “fun” game or too focused on doctrine. Does that make sense? I tell you what, we had such a great time! In fact, when we did the charades type challenge, we were laughing so hard. Buddy wanted to keep getting it to make Fred act out the challenge! For real, watch this video on Instagram. lol Honestly, I wish we’d had a lot more people over to play with us. Any time we have game night as a large group, we’ll be bringing this game with us.
Of course, no game night is complete without some good pizza. We made a homemade pizza. We don’t usually make our own pizza, but I wanted to add another fun element to our night. One side had pepperoni and the other side had pepperoni and mushrooms. Mushrooms are new to me and I’m putting them on everything. I wish I had a mixer because I would’ve loved making my own crust. One day, right?
Game Night Pizza
You are going to want to add this game to your game shelf! With that in mind, enter to win a $25 Gift Card from Family Christian and you could put it towards the game if you want!
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Unknown said...

I would get one of the Bibles.

Noelle said...

I would get a Gods Little Princess bible for my daughter.

Heather W said...

I would get Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Junior: Teaching Kids How to Win with Money.
I have been wanting to start Financial Peace with my children to teach them responsibility with the money God blesses us with and this would be the perfect way to purchase it! Thanks for the chance!

Lara Neves said...

I would get your bible game up there! It's a great one for Sundays. We already have Financial Peace Jr. and it has been a big hit at our house.

Michelle said...

I'd get something nativity related for my preemie-toddler.

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

I'd probably get a Bible for my little guy!

Unknown said...

The Angel Wing Necklace is absolutely beautiful.

JunkAngel said...

I would get Beauty and the Beet. I want to see it so much!

Joanna Grace said...

I'd get a Bible cover.

Penny B. said...

I would get a Veggie Tales DVD. My son loves them!

Cari Dunn said...

I would get my almost teenager a study bible.

Bekah Loves Blog said...

Dangit, I missed this! I love Family Christian Stores!

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