Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Football Fan In The House #HollyJollyHolidayGG

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I think I’ve mentioned it a few times that we love football around here. I guess that would be putting it mildly at best. And one day, we’ll join all 3 of our teams with Fred’s 1 team. That should be and interesting time in our house throughout the football season.

I have a pipe dream of one day making one of our rooms into a football themed room. We’d have to find a tasteful way to combine the love of the Atlanta Falcons, Pittsburg Steelers, Green Bay Packers, and Minnesota Vikings. With all of those colors, I wonder if that’s even possible. We’ll have a big screen tv to invite our friends over to watch a game or two. Who knows…like I said, I can dream!
We won’t have an entire room, but the decorating will start with Doodle’s room. This was his first year that he and his brother made Fantasy Football teams so it’s apropos that I start the decorating with him. He’s the Falcons fan. Where that came from I don’t know that I’ll ever know. I don’t think eve he knows, but he’s stuck like glue to them now.
Atlanta Falcons Fathead
Atlanta Falcons Helmet
For our Holly Jolly Gift Guide Giveaway, I partnered with Fathead…YES…Fathead! They sent THE coolest Falcons Fatheads! Here’s what’s funny, while we were at my parent’s last weekend we kept seeing commercials for Fatheads. My dad didn’t understand what they were. That of course means I’ll need to get him one for the pool room downstairs. Yea, I’m a cool daughter like that. Doodle kept saying how much he wanted the Princess Sophia Fathead. Wouldn’t it be epic if he came home one day and I had them all over his room. That would make my life just that much better. Again, winning with being a cool mom like that!
Fathead Falcons Room
Now, I can see my oldest son would go insane and probably spend his paycheck on every Star Wars, Marvel, or DC Comics Fathead. No, I’m not kidding. He would go nuts. You’ve never seen a kid so passionate about something unless you talk to him about any of those categories!
Fathead Collage
And as much as my boyfriend and his son love their Pittsburg Steelers, they love soccer just as much. I’m not sure which one more. I know his son would totally go crazy over any of the soccer player Fatheads. I know Fred likes Barcelona, but I have no idea who M-boy likes. So much we’re still learning about each other.

If you could have a Fathead of anything you or your kids are fans of, what would it be?


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