Monday, January 12, 2015

A Skill I Wish I Had

I’m doing a blogging prompt that was supposed to be for yesterday, but Sunday was a really busy day with church and then going for a long hike with a Fred and each of our kids. Today’s (for me) prompt is “something I wish I knew how to do.”

Now, there are a LOT of things I wish I could do. One skill I’ve always thought would be awesome would be to learn how to quilt. I remember my stepmom taught me how to do those latch hook kits as a kid. As I got a little bit older, she showed me how to cross stitch. I loved cross stitching. One thing I know she wished I had taken up was sewing. That just wasn’t my thing. I never had a desire to sew any of my own clothes and at the time thought that was pretty much all a sewing machine was good for.
I remember going over to my friend, Helen’s house for one of our book club meetings and she had all of these gorgeous quilts around her house. Her love for creating those quilts spilled over to me. The amount of time and care put into quilts was something that drew me in. I also remember going on a field trip with one of the kids to a heritage house and they had a quilting rack with a quilt on it. I think the kids were all able to stitch on it.

My only problem with wanting to learn how to quilt was finding the time. At the time I was introduced to it I was reading lots of books for my blog and scrapbooking like a crazy woman. I just couldn’t add one more thing. I mean, I still can’t. I want to, especially when I see a quilt that has been created for memories. The thought of being part of a quilting circle, bonding with ladies over the course of creating a quilt just sounds wonderful.

When I saw Shelley’s post featuring one of her readers, it once again touched my heart! Barbara’s story makes the quilt so meaningful. It reminds me once again why I’ve always wanted to learn how to quilt. Can you imagine all of the stories you could stitch into a single quilt?
blazing-star Quilt

I remember talking to my boss a month or so ago, and she showed me a quilt that was created using her sons’ sports jerseys, fabric from her wedding dress, and other meaningful pieces. It once again reignited my desire to learn how to quilt. That’s something I would love to do with fabric from items I’ve saved over the year from all 4 of my kids.

Maybe I won’t ever make a quilt, but I’d love to have a couple made for me, or even buy one here or there. I have blankets laying around the house for any of us to pick up if we’re chilly, but I’d prefer to wrap myself in a quilt made from love. I also love seeing them displayed around the home. Our friend Helen has them hanging along her wall, on her beds, and draped on her couch.

That being said, if you reupholstered your furniture, you wouldn’t need a quilt. You could just snuggle into your chair. Check out my blogging buddy’s picture! Her mommie-in-law redid this chair from old quilts she’d picked up at an estate sale. You’ll have to check out the blog post to see the whole transformation!
Quilted Chair Back
Photo courtesy of My Turn for Us

I figure one day, when I have lots of free time, this will be the first thing I learn how to do. It’d be wonderful to not only make quilts for myself, but treasures my kids would be able to have one day. Maybe even down the road when I have grandkids!

Do you have a skill of some sort you’ve always wanted to learn? What’s stopping you?


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