Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Introducing Peru To Our Kids

Before we got Peru, Fred and I decided how we’d surprise our kids. We were going to send a photo of her every day leading up to the Monday they were all going to be introduced to her. Of course, things don’t always go as planned. I sent one photo and that was it. Fred sent 3? I can’t remember. The day we introduced her to the kids, as they sat in the driveway we sent a photo of her face to all of the kids.

My two little girls. Peru and @kenzinoble_24

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Actually, let me go back a few days before to when we were delivering bags of groceries to families in need. Fred, Doodle, and I were just leaving a house when Fred mentioned that the home owner’s dog probably smells the treats that he’d had in his coat pocket for his dog. Doodle looked at me and said, “Fred has a dog?” I had hoped he hadn’t heard, but yea, he had! He had to keep a secret for two days. I wasn’t worried about it. He’s good about those kinds of tings.

A boy and his dog. Peru meeting the entire family today.

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I got to the house a few minutes before Fred and told my boys to wait in the car. Fred did the same with his kids. We got Peru on a leash and sitting at the top of the stairs. I ran down and unlocked the front door and we told the kids they could come in. I tried videotaping it, but it had a high pitch “scream” to it. So bummed, but thankfully Fred’s video came out just fine. I can’t share that because it’s on his phone. lol

Bulldoggin' with Ryan and Peru.

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Peru was a little more than loved on by all of the kids. Fred’s oldest (his daughter), and my oldest son both kind of wanted the same kind of dog. I had really wanted to get Fred a greyhound because he’s always doing so much for everyone I had hoped he could have a dog of his choosing. His daughter had wanted a Boxer and mine had wanted a Bulldog. Thus, the mix in an American Bulldog was perfect!

The kids loved on her and took pictures of her. We took pictures of them with her. After a while we took her to the park so the kids could all run around with her. Let me tell you, that park is her happy place and she loves playing with the kids. She sleeps in Kgirl’s room a lot of the time. She came over to our house for the day, once so far, and she did rather well. Peru only wanted to eat the cats once or twice. We’re hoping to desensitize her to the cats.

As mischievous as Peru is, we love her to death.

Have you ever surprised your family with a pet?


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